The goal of the CLOC Metrics Initiative was to deliver a core set of metrics and a common language to be used within law departments to measure performance. The resulting set of metrics should be easy to implement and are based on readily accessible data using a number of common underlying systems such as eBilling, matter management or contract management. Over time, the broad adoption of a standard set of core metrics such as these will support more accurate benchmarking across the ecosystem.

The team put together a suggested set of metrics to develop – what they consider to be the baseline, or foundation and developed a Core Metrics Dictionary to simplify the process and only require a handful of data points to be captured.

  • The CLOC Core Metrics Dictionary The ultimate common language which all legal operations professionals should speak along with calculations, formulas, and how to interpret the results.
  • The CLOC Core Metrics Glossary Explanations of the data elements and what other law departments typically include.

The CLOC Core Metrics Dictionary includes calculations that you can use with a few data points and minimal effort. By using those formulas, you can recalculate your core metrics in a basic tool like Microsoft Excel Google Sheets. As you begin a more advanced metrics evaluations and link to the rest of your data, you may want to consider utilizing a business intelligence platform designed to consolidate and analyze data. The goal is to put the power in your hands.

This is by no means the end of this effort. Much like a “normal” dictionary, words will continue to be added. The team looks forward to growing a common dictionary across the ecosystem, but for today let’s get started with what we have!
Resources and Tools
Core Metrics Team
  • Sandy Owen, Intel
  • Connie Brenton, NetApp
  • Kevin Clem, HBR Consulting
  • Peter Eilhauer, Elevate Services
  • Vince Vetri, Elevate Services