Community Leaders Guide

CLOC’s communities connect the legal industry through the collaboration, conversation, and the creation of content. This is a space for our members to truly engage and innovate. Brainstorm. Troubleshoot. Deliver actionable change in the legal world.

The communities represented within CLOC are divided into three categories: committees, groups, and councils.

A Committee is a community of CLOC members committed to solve a particular problem or create specific content.

A Group is a community of CLOC members committed to a shared interest – whether a region, an industry, or a topic of interest. Groups are focused on collaborating, networking, and sharing information in the spirit of changing the business of law.

A Council is a selected community appointed by the board to drive a specific long-term initiative.

These communities are powered by volunteer leaders who step to the front in passion and commitment to the growth of our industry. In service of these communities, we have created the following guides to assist our leaders in our shared interest to elevate the business and practice of law.