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CLOC has recently launched its podcast and webinar program with new episodes and sessions added monthly. The topics presented are designed to give insight into the world of legal operations and take on big issues with industry leaders. View the first two releases below.

For members and law firms, we have an ongoing webinar program covering topics and case studies that include, Secrest to Managing Outside Counsel Spend, Department Transformation: A 3-year Plan, Legal Project Management, Organization Strategies, Records Management, and Forecasting the Next Decade in Legal Spend and more. These webinars are available on-demand for CLOC members and law firm participants. View CLOC On-Demand, login required.

November 18, 2020

By Jennifer McCarron

Episode Two:  In this episode, we are speaking with global leaders to hear their stories on how they got started in the Legal Operations field. A field that is multidisciplinary and draws professionals from various industries, roles, skills and educational backgrounds. Listen as Aine Lyons from VMWare and Kamala Vasagam from NBC Universal dive deep […]

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