Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Council

The CLOC Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Council (“DEIB”) is comprised of a group of CLOC member volunteer leaders whose mission is two-fold:

Internal: Develop and execute the CLOC DEIB strategic plan; recommend policy and action to the CLOC Board of Directors that will position CLOC as an advocate, a forward thinking and innovative thought leader in this critical space.

External: Guide the global legal operations community as a whole with education, tools, and resources to achieve DEIB successes that will ensure a more inclusive and equitable legal operations community for the future.

The DEIB Council is comprised of a cross-section of CLOC membership. Selected through a rigorous application and interview process, participants will serve a minimum two-year term. Guided by CLOC Board Member Laura Dieudonné, Legal Operations and Administration Director at Delta Air Lines, the DEIB Council will support and guide CLOC in the following key areas:

• Serve as strategic advisors in formulating the diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging strategy of the association.
• Enhance member knowledge on strategies to incorporate DEIB principles into their legal operations department.
• Develop and recommend strategies and actions that will identify, engage, recruit and mentor future leaders in the legal operations industry.
• Aid in building partnerships with other organizations, when necessary, to include industry thought leaders in DEIB education and resource sharing.

DEIB Council Members

Thank you to the DEIB Council Members for their service to the legal community in helping drive the transformation of the business of law.