Below are some frequently asked questions to help you navigate CLOC and our offerings. If you need additional assistance, please contact our support team at info@cloc.org.

Q Can I be a CLOC member if I am not an In-House Legal Operations Professional?
Q Can my team join as an organization?
Q Do you have to be a member to join the Legal Ops Solutions Directory?
Q Do you have to be a member to post on the job board? Is posting a job listing a member benefit?
Q How can I pay for my membership dues?
Q How do I access the CLOC W9 to process the dues invoice?
Q How can my organization sponsor or collaborate with CLOC?
Q How do I renew my membership?
Q I missed my renewal, but I still want to be a member, what do I do now?
Q What happens if I apply for the wrong category?
Q What is CLOC’s refund policy?
Q What is the membership term/timing?
Q Will we allow memberships for those who are “retired or in transition”?