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April SALI Update

By Betsi Roach

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Join SALI Conversation at CLOC’s 2022 Global Institute.

The SALI Alliance is pleased to participate in next month’s CLOC Global Institute. We invite all attendees to join us on May 11 from 3:30-4:00 pm in Bellagio 1 & 5 for a session entitled “Enable Actionable Data Insights Through SALI Standards.” This session features CLOC President and Head of Legal Operations at Intel Mike Haven and will provide specifics on how law departments can apply the SALI legal matter specification standard within their processes and systems today, in order to enhance and upgrade the data used to support decision-making and reporting in areas such as outside counsel spend, RFPs, matter outcome tracking, and document and matter tagging, among many others.

Additionally, members of the SALI leadership team will explore how the broader legal ecosystem is adopting the legal matter specification standard and the ways that this will impact and benefit legal operations, by increasing the interoperability of software and systems.


The SALI Alliance seeks to improve the legal industry by moving it towards standardizing how we describe legal work. We will simplify and improve the description of legal services by providing a common language represented in an open-source taxonomy. This will provide all players with greater transparency and increase the effectiveness of budgeting and resourcing. Providing a common language for the industry serves as the catalyst for better outcomes and value.

Our work is to produce a Legal Matter Standard Specification (LMSS) and gain adoption in the ecosystem. LMSS is, in essence, an extensive taxonomy, with almost 10,000 nodes. It is actually more than a taxonomy: it not only describes areas of law, services, industries, and player roles, but also captures the relationships among those.


We welcome your input and your involvement! The most complete, practical standard can only be realized by continued contributions and adoption from organizations throughout the legal industry, particularly legal operations professionals and in-house counsel teams.

A link to the standard, which anyone can use at no cost, can be found at SALI.org.

In addition, there are several active and pending conversations to join, including:

  • International working groups
  • Area of law working groups
  • Open forums for questions, feedback, and discussion among current and potential adopters

For more information on the standard, adoption, or getting involved, please contact Kelly Harbour at kharbour@goulstonstorrs.com.