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Mary O'Carroll

President of CLOC

Director, Legal Operations at Google LLC

Betsi Roach

CLOC Executive Director

Looking Forward, Looking Back

By Mary O'Carroll, Betsi Roach

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We begin this new year in gratitude for this community. The qualities that have always defined CLOC members – innovation, resilience, and a willingness to support others – were on full display in a turbulent, challenging 2020. Our community stepped up, driving our volunteer programs and working hard to find creative answers to our shared problems. We are so appreciative of all of you who contribute your time, energy, and ideas to advancing the cause of legal operations. You remind us that CLOC is so much more than an organization – it is a global movement, powered by the amazing people of this community.

For all its chaos and unpredictability, 2020 was a great year for CLOC. As COVID upended our world, we were forced to scrap our plans, canceling live events and programs. We changed to fit the world around us and to better reach and serve our most important constituents: our members. We adjusted our approach and our organization, strengthening our leadership and professional staff while shifting to digital engagement and virtual programs. We grew our member base and international presence, took big steps forward in redefining our digital experience, and delivered our first ever all-virtual Global Institute.

2021 promises to be just as momentous for our community and our industry. We can expect the most influential factors of the past year – the global shift to a work-from-home model, the increasing pressure on corporate budgets, and the rising emphasis on social justice and representation – to continue to shape our world. After years of slow progress, we are now seeing change at an unprecedented pace and scale.
We are changing too, expanding our membership programs to grow our community and serve more of our ecosystem.

We thrive on transformation. Our mission – to redefine the business of law – is more urgent and relevant than ever. This community has always been about creating and harnessing change. While none of us can say what the future holds, you can be sure that CLOC will have a big role in shaping and improving the Legal industry of tomorrow.

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