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CLOC Announces Jenn McCarron as New President, Completing a Fully Female Leadership Team

By Angela den Tex

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San Jose – January 2, 2024: The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), the leading organization dedicated to transforming the business and practice of law, today announced a transition in its leadership. Jenn McCarron, a board member since 2020, assumed the role of President, effective January 1, 2024. This milestone appointment crowns an all-female leadership team at CLOC, alongside Vice President Farrah Pepper and Treasurer Frances Pomposo.

“On behalf of the board, we warmly welcome Jenn McCarron as CLOC President,” said Farrah Pepper, CLOC Vice President and Chief Legal Innovation Counsel at Marsh McLennan. “Having worked closely with Jenn for many years, we look forward to the innovative and collaborative approach she will bring to her new role to help the CLOC community continue to thrive and soar to new heights.”

McCarron, the Director of Legal Operations & Technology at Netflix, is a familiar face and voice in the CLOC community as the host of the CLOC Talk podcast and a regular speaker at events. Her journey from an emerging technologist under Steve Harmon, General Counsel and COO of Elevate, one of CLOC’s original board members, to a CLOC regional group leader, to a board member showcases her dedication to the legal operations community.

CLOC extends its heartfelt thanks to immediate past CLOC President Mike Haven, Head of Legal Operations at Intel, whose term ended December 31, 2023. Under Haven’s leadership, CLOC navigated the challenges of the pandemic and expanded its global reach, setting the stage for continued success. Haven’s focus and dedication was instrumental in CLOC’s growth. Haven will continue to serve as a board member.

CLOC also recognizes Jason Barnwell, General Manager for Digital Transformation of Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs at Microsoft, for his significant contributions spanning five years as a board member. Jason stepped down from the board effective December 31, 2023.

With the combined leadership of Jenn McCarron, Farrah Pepper and Frances Pomposo, CLOC is set to broaden the spectrum of career opportunities within legal operations and reinforce its commitment to community growth. “My presidency is about ‘us’ as a community. Together, we’ll explore new opportunities in legal operations, focusing on role diversification and expanding our reach. It’s an honor to lead alongside Farrah and Frances as we elevate voices across our ecosystem and maximize our collective impact,” says Jenn McCarron.

Frances Pomposo, CLOC Treasurer and VP, Legal and Government Affairs Strategy and Operations at Splunk, adds, “Jenn’s appointment is a testament to CLOC’s commitment to contributing to a culture of growth, innovation, and empowerment. We’re dedicated to enriching our community by embracing a wide range of skills and perspectives. The combination of talent on our leadership team will allow us to continue to drive change and innovation in our industry and community.”

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