What Is Legal Operations

Legal operations is a multi-disciplinary function that optimizes legal services delivery to a business or government entity by focusing on twelve core competencies (defined here): Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Vendor Management, Data Analytics, Technology Support, Legal Support Models, Knowledge Management, Professional Development and Team Building, Communications, Global Data Governance/ Records Management, Litigation Support, and Cross-Functional Alignment.

What is CLOC

The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (“CLOC”) is a non-profit organization consisting of legal operations professionals providing education, sharing best practices, networking, establishing a professional organization and community, and driving positive change across the corporate legal services ecosystem.  CLOC is the “go-to” organization for information about legal operations and connections to the best legal operations professionals in the business.


CLOC’s Mission

To help legal operations professionals and other core corporate legal industry players (e.g. tech providers, law firms, LPO’s, law schools, etc.) optimize the legal service delivery models needed by small, medium and large legal departments to support their clients.

We do this by supporting professional development; providing education on CLOC’s core competencies;  offering best practices in areas including legal department tools, technology, templates and knowledge bases; and working with key legal service providers to drive efficient & effective solutions for corporate legal customers.

CLOC’s Vision

A seamless legal ecosystem that delivers corporate legal support to small, medium and large businesses with peak efficiency.

We envision a legal services delivery model that offers the people, technology, processes and knowledge bases that small, medium and large businesses need to excel in their respective market places.

2018 Annual Corporate Legal Operations Institute

Save The Date: April 23rd-25th 2018
Bellagio, Las Vegas

Who We Are

CLOC Corporate Legal Operations Members include a diverse set of professionals who work at Fortune 500, medium size, and small size companies, government entities, and educational institutions. CLOC members have a vast array of experience and educational backgrounds and include students and educators. The CLOC Leadership Team includes individuals with extensive experience in Legal Operations at some of the largest and most well known companies in the world.