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CLOC Announces Collaboration with Harbor on 2024 Law Department Survey

By Angela den Tex

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Las Vegas, Nevada, May 9, 2024: The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) and Harbor announced their collaboration on the 2024 Harbor Law Department Survey. The announcement was made from the main stage of the CLOC Global Institute at the ARIA in Las Vegas, Nevada.

CLOC Vice President, Farrah Pepper, addressed the packed room: “Harbor has been doing a benchmarking survey for more than 20 years – and CLOC had its own state of the industry survey – so this is a win-win for the Legal Ops community!”

The annual Harbor Law Department Survey provides benchmarking data on legal spending, staffing and operations. Since its inception originally by HBR Consulting, one of the Harbor founding companies, the Law Department Survey has provided industry leaders with a holistic view of law department priorities and challenges.

“CLOC members will benefit from access to key findings on legal operations trends,” said Lisa Konie, CLOC’s Interim Executive Director. “Our collaboration with Harbor will streamline survey-taking for legal departments, many of which participate in multiple, time-consuming studies each year.”

The 2024 Harbor Law Department Survey features an expanded section on AI, with additional questions from CLOC that explore the nuances of legal operations, to uncover trends in this rapidly-evolving area of business. Historically, 65% of participants have represented Fortune 500 companies. This year, Harbor aims to engage a broader spectrum, targeting increased participation from CLOC’s global membership to capture diverse perspectives and practices.

“Greater participation yields stronger data. By collaborating directly with CLOC on the survey and extending participation to the full CLOC membership base, we expect a significant increase in survey participation. And the resulting, more robust findings will benefit the broader legal community,” said Lauren Chung, Harbor survey editor and practice lead for Strategy + Transformation.

Information for CLOC members on how to participate in the survey is available here.


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About Harbor

Harbor provides expert services encompassing strategy, technology, operations, and insights to law firms, corporations and their law departments.

The Harbor Law Department Survey, now in its 21st year, is the premier source of benchmarking data used by general counsel and legal operations leaders.

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