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New LegalOps Solutions Directory is now live!

By Michael Getter

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We are excited to announce the launch of our enhanced solutions directory. Powered by TheoremLegal, this platform makes it easy for users to identify and evaluate new tools in the legal marketplace and access collaboration tools to support implementation, and best practices to increase utilization.

For In-House Legal Ops teams and professionals:

  • Intelligent recommendation engine: this platform uses key data points to tailor content and recommendations based on a member’s area of focus, such as by industry, role, or practice group.
  • Access exclusive offers, discounts, and test trials from participating vendors.
  • Share your stack: a first of its’ kind ability to share and evaluate other members’ legal technology stack.
  • Enhance and standardize procurement operations and solution vetting with a series of integrated tools that analyze provider contracts and their security and compliance postures.
  • Enhance and expedite your RFP process through a streamlined builder tool.

In-House Legal Ops professionals are not the only ones who benefit from this tool. Both Law Firms and Vendors

For Law Firms:

Firms receive their own dedicated law firm directory for promoting their firm, and now have access to business development tools and vendor resources for showcasing their tech and tech-enabled offerings in the marketplace. In effect, this deal creates a three-sided marketplace for Theorem, consistent with its strategy to turn the traditional marketplace roles of buyer and seller into a dynamic flywheel of supply–demand.

For Software Vendors and Other Providers:

Vendors receive their own dedicated interface. Sponsors and participating vendors can gain enhanced exposure, promote educational content, and add exclusive offers to the network. Vendors who are CLOC members will receive more benefits, such as discounted pricing.


billed annually
($500 w/ Corp Membership)

  • Basic Listing
  • Listing Management Portal
  • CLOC Badge on Listing
  • Enhanced Search Placement
  • RFP Participation
  • Marketplace Insights


billed annually
($2500 w/ Corp Membership)

  • Everything in Essential, Plus:
  • Premium Gold CLOC Badge
  • Top-of-Search Placement
  • Featured Home Page
  • Highlighted Offers & Test
    Drives in TechHub
  • Featured promotion in
    Theorem Outreach
  • New | Legal Ops Premium


billed annually
($5000 w/ Corp Membership)

  • Everything in Premium, Plus;
  • Unlimited products
  • Priority support
  • White glove onboarding & profile setup
  • Contact Us to find out more!