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Insights and Highlights: SpotDraft’s Journey at CGI 2023

By SpotDraft

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The CLOC Global Institute (CGI) 2023, held from May 16-18, became a pivotal moment in the corporate legal landscape. With months of meticulous preparation leading up to the event, we were determined to ensure that every attendee derived maximum value from their experience. In this blog post, we reflect on and highlight our participation and the insights gained from the conference. 

From the moment the dates for CGI 2023 dates were announced, our team embarked on a six-month journey of detailed planning. As the conference drew closer, excitement grew, and we eagerly embraced every opportunity it presented. We actively participated in the sessions, attended various events, and thoroughly explored all that the conference had to offer. 

CGI 2023 reaffirmed for us the dynamic nature of the legal operations function, with the professionals consistently striving to enhance their knowledge and skills. We were delighted to witness the overwhelming response to our panel discussion on “Building a World-Class Legal Ops Function.” The session attracted a full house and then some more, underlining the spirit of knowledge within the legal ops community. To complement the discussion, we launched our playbook, “Operating in Lean Times,” which resonated strongly with attendees seeking innovative strategies to do more with less. 

The remarkable engagement we witnessed at our booth and the enthusiastic participation in our curated activities affirmed a crucial trend: companies now recognize the significance of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) more than ever before. The substantial footfall at our booth and the engaging conversations with attendees showcased a collective awareness of the value that effective CLM brings to businesses. It was truly heartening to witness this growing awareness throughout the conference. 

While the conference was undoubtedly a platform for professional growth, we also recognized the importance of fostering connections and creating moments of enjoyment. To strike this balance, we organised a networking evening called “Sundowner with SpotDraft.” This memorable event allowed legal operations professionals to relax and forge meaningful connections in an informal setting. 

As we bid farewell to CGI 2023, we carry forward the enthusiasm, lessons, and inspiration, eagerly awaiting future editions of this conference. Our team at SpotDraft is committed to continuing our contributions to the legal operations community, fostering innovation, and sharing valuable insights.