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Aine Lyons

Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, WW Legal Operations

European Leadership and Regional Community Updates

By Aine Lyons

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As the CLOC European Lead, my mission is to expand our community across the European region and to appoint more Regional Leads to lead our efforts in specific countries and regions in Europe.

United Kingdom:
Nick Cranfield, the recently appointed Chief Legal Officer of the Therme Group, has volunteered to be the CLOC Regional Leader in the United Kingdom. Nick will lead our Regional meetings in the UK. Nick brings a tremendous amount of expertise and positive energy to our community having been in the trenches for many years driving the Legal Operations efforts at Dyson. We are looking forward to him diving in and strengthening the network of legal ops professionals in the UK. Please reach out to Nick if you would like to volunteer to help him or to join the UK Regional Meeting series.

DACH Region:
Maurus Schreyvogel, Chief Legal Innovation Officer at Novartis International AG, will continue to lead and grow engagement in the DACH region (Germany, Switzerland, Austria). Maurus has built a dynamic and engaged group in DACH and is partnering with Nick and me on preparing for the September virtual EMEA Summit and organizing more events and professional development and networking opportunities across the regional groups in Europe.

Other Opportunities: We are actively recruiting leadership to spearhead and lead Regional Groups in France, Nordic and Netherlands to increase our CLOC presence. If you are interested, please contact CLOC at info@cloc.org to learn more.

I am excited to expand our community to bring more legal operations professionals and perspectives into the ongoing conversations and strengthen the legal operations profession in Europe. Together, we can become a powerful force in propelling industry innovation and change.