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CLOC Developing Foundational Training for the Legal Operations Community  

By Nicole Cote

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San Jose, CA – March 14, 2022

Workers in the fast-growing legal operations industry – the professionals who handle strategic planning, financial management, project management, and technology for corporate legal departments – have a new resource for sharpening their skills and planning their careers.

The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (“CLOC”), the leading organization dedicated to transforming the business and practice of law, announces the launch of an educational initiative focused on a core curriculum including the twelve functional areas of legal operations, industry terminology, and foundational tenets.

The initiative’s first program, the “Legal Ops 101 Workshop,” debuts at the CLOC Global Institute in May.

“This newly launched resource is something I wish I had available to me when I started my career in legal operations,” said Laura Dieudonné, Legal Operations and Administration Director for Delta Air Lines.

Dieudonné serves on the CLOC Education Advisory Council, a diverse workgroup of industry leaders, some of whom are developing content for early-career legal ops professionals including in-person and virtual courses and assessments.

“We believe this curriculum will become a keystone in onboarding legal operations professionals across the legal industry,” said Nicole Zafian, Head of Content and Education at CLOC. “Many organizations are just beginning to unlock the value of what best practices in legal operations can mean for their ability to serve clients efficiently and effectively. As we shorten the learning curve of legal operations functions, legal departments will achieve those successes even more quickly.”

CLOC will roll out new components to its foundational training in the months following May’s Legal Ops 101 introduction at the Global Institute.

“Having attended a CLOC Global Institute early in my professional career, I was able to bring back to my company new ideas, resources and tools to improve processes, develop financial management skills, and build the best strategic plan for the legal department,” recalled Carl Morrison, now Director of Legal Operations for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and a member of CLOC’s Education Advisory Council. “This workshop will set participants, and their employers, on the path to success in managing people, payments, and processes.” 

Other members of the Advisory Council focusing on the Legal Ops 101 curriculum are:

  • Adam Becker, Director of Legal Operations at Cockroach Labs 
  • Bibiana Martínez Camelo, Head of Legal Transformation and Innovation, Bancolombia  
  • Tom Stephenson, Director, Legal Operations, Credit Karma  

For more information on the workshop at the upcoming 2022 CLOC Global Institute, please visit www.cloc.org/cgi.

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