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Celebrating Legal Innovation at the ALITA Awards 2023 — CLOC Joins as a Supporting Organization

By Angela den Tex

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We’re excited to announce that CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Consortium) is a supporting organization for the prestigious ALITA Awards 2023. Organized by the Asia Pacific Legal Innovation & Technology Association (ALITA), this year’s awards ceremony will take place live at TechLaw.Fest in Singapore on September 21-22. Our very own President, Mike Haven, will serve as a judge for the awards, solidifying CLOC’s commitment to promoting innovation in the legal space.

About the ALITA Awards

ALITA Awards have been designed to give voice and recognition to the trailblazers in the legal technology and innovation ecosystem across the Asia-Pacific region. This is the 3rd edition of ALITA’s flagship awards and promises to be an eventful ceremony, held in conjunction with TechLaw.Fest 2023 at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Award Categories

The ALITA Awards 2023 will recognize outstanding achievements in various facets of legal innovation with six award categories:

  1. Outstanding Legal Innovator (Law Firm) Award
  2. Outstanding Legal Innovator (Individual) Award
  3. Outstanding Legal Innovator (In-House & Operations) Award
  4. Outstanding Legal Innovator (Solution Provider) Award
  5. Outstanding Legal Entrant Award
  6. Outstanding Legal Innovation / Legal Tech For Good Award

Additionally, there will be a People’s Choice Award, making it a grand total of seven accolades to be won.

CLOC's Role

CLOC, as a global community committed to transforming the business and practice of law, is proud to support the ALITA Awards. Our President, Mike Haven, brings a wealth of experience and insight as a judge for these awards.

“We are committed to fostering innovation and collaboration in legal operations across the globe. The ALITA Awards are a fantastic platform to recognize and celebrate the people and organizations that are changing the face of legal practice in the Asia-Pacific region,” says Mike Haven.

How to Participate

If you believe that you are (or know) a deserving nominee, please consider nominating yourself or share details of the ALITA Awards 2023. The deadline for nominations is September 8, 2023. Finalists and winners will be showcased at TechLaw.Fest, providing an excellent opportunity to network and learn from the best in the industry.

Final Thoughts

The ALITA Awards are more than just trophies; they are a testament to the collective efforts to innovate and improve the legal industry. As a supporting organization, we are thrilled to be a part of this journey towards a more efficient, transparent, and equitable legal system.

We encourage all our members and partners to engage with the awards, either by nominating deserving candidates or by attending the TechLaw.Fest event. Let’s celebrate the incredible work being done in legal innovation and technology.

This blog post is part of CLOC’s ongoing commitment to supporting initiatives that foster innovation and improve the financial management of legal departments worldwide.