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Please note: The following demographic questions are only for CLOC’s internal tracking purposes. This demographic information is not shared with CLOC’s Scholarship Committee or used in determining scholarship eligibility. CLOC tracks this information to help assess outreach needs and ensure candidates from a variety of backgrounds are informed about scholarship eligibility. All responses to demographic information are optional.

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Incoming graduate students – Please indicate which school you plan to attend. If undecided, please indicate your top choice. Scholarship recipients will be required to confirm enrollment prior to receiving funds.
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Please do not include your name or address on your resume. Our judges neutrally evaluate each candidate on their merits.

CLOC does not discriminate against anyone because of his or her race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, martial status, disability, medical condition, veteran status or other characteristics protected by law. The scholarship program is open only to students attending U.S. universities. As a U.S. based non-profit and because scholarships are awarded directly to the institution (not the scholarship recipient personally), CLOC is only able to provide scholarships to students attending school in the U.S. at this time. CLOC values the contributions of students across the world and other opportunities to participate with CLOC are open to regional students for the London or Sydney Institutes, as well as regional meetings.