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August SALI Update

By Betsi Roach

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This month, we invite you to join the SALI Alliance at two exciting in-person events!

International Legal Technology Association’s ILTACON
National Harbor, MD
Monday, August 22, 4-5 pm ET

Headed to the Gaylord for ILTACON? Have friends in the industry who haven’t heard of SALI?! If so, come one, come all, to Potomac 3 on Monday, August 22, at 4 pm (ET)!

Are you struggling to extract meaningful business intelligence from the data stored in your systems? Perhaps you’d like answers to questions like “Which lawyers have experience in AREA_OF_LAW?” Or “What will it cost for outside counsel to draft DOCUMENT in JURISDICTION_X?” Each of these capitalized/bolded terms is a SALI field. And SALI has about 10,000 similar fields/tags — all giving the legal ecosystem insights to (1) better solve legal problems and (2) better determine costs. This presentation will show how stakeholders — including firms/providers, clients, and vendors — are all adopting SALI, worldwide. And the presentation will also discuss how all stakeholders benefit from making legal data interoperable. You’ll enjoy hearing how SALI, as a non-profit, independent standards body, is allowing all stakeholders to speak the same data language, literally.

Legal Value Network’s inaugural conference, the LVN Conference Experience (LVNX).
Chicago, IL
Friday, September 23, 8:30-9:30 am CT

When it comes to the Legal Matter Specification Standard, you believe in the value. You’ve participated in a demo or community meeting. You’ve heard about the building momentum. So, where do you start when it comes to implementation? Which systems? Which codes? How will you keep the standard up to date? Join the SALI Alliance operations team on Friday, September 23, at 8:30 am (CT) for practical guidance on how to implement LMSS 2.0 at your organization.

We hope to see you at one of these great events!


The SALI Alliance seeks to improve the legal industry by moving it towards standardizing how we describe legal work. We will simplify and improve the description of legal services by providing a common language represented in an open-source taxonomy. This will provide all players with greater transparency and increase the effectiveness of budgeting and resourcing. Providing a common language for the industry serves as the catalyst for better outcomes and value.

Our work is to produce a Legal Matter Standard Specification (LMSS) and gain adoption in the ecosystem. LMSS is, in essence, an extensive taxonomy, with almost 10,000 nodes. It is actually more than a taxonomy: it not only describes areas of law, services, industries, and player roles, but also captures the relationships among those.


We welcome your input and your involvement! The most complete, practical standard can only be realized by continued contributions and adoption from organizations throughout the legal industry, particularly legal operations professionals and in-house counsel teams.

A link to the standard, which anyone can use at no cost, can be found at SALI.org.

In addition, there are several active and pending conversations to join, including:

  • International working groups
  • Area of law working groups
  • Open forums for questions, feedback, and discussion among current and potential adopters

For more information on the standard, adoption, or getting involved, please contact Kelly Harbour at kharbour@goulstonstorrs.com.