CLOC Regional Groups

To further CLOC’s goals, CLOC supports opportunities for Legal ops professionals to connect as a single group (at our annual CLOC Institute), as will as more regularly on a regional basis through local groups. CLOC provides administrative and other support for Legal Ops professionals through the locations below. 

Typically meetings are every other month in the office of a member on a rotating basis for a full day. Morning sessions are sometimes open to other Regional groups via telephone; afternoon sessions are in–person only.

All members of CLOC can join regional groups of interest.

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 emerging Emerging Law Department  Daniel Coll            Sandy MacDonnell                         Frances Pomposo

Daniel Collin Sandra MacDonnellin Frances Pomposoin,,
  Atlanta Area laura
Laura Dieudonne   in
 australia Australia mick
Mick Sheehy   in,

Brenda Hansen  in                Christina Jackson   in ,
  Chicago/Milwaukee Lisa Brzycki
Lisa Brzycki   in
 ny New York Area                                  

Kim Wolfe   in                     Jennifer McCarron   in
Jeff Heyer-Jones   in
 seattle Pacific Northwest lisa-brown
Lisa Kremer Brown   in

Kristi Anne Gedid   in
 sf San Francisco Bay Area Connie Brenton

Connie Brenton   in
 texas Texas vincent                  rebecca                         charlotte

Vince Cordo in   Rebecca Purple in   Charlotte Harris in,,
 london United Kingdom aine

Aine Lyons   in