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CLOC Newsletter | November 2017

CLOC's First Annual State of the Industry Survey

CLOC recently completed its 2017 State of the Industry survey.  Survey responses were collected from more than one-third of CLOC member companies in September 2017.  Key findings from the survey indicate that total external spend of CLOC member organizations is $35B annually.  Less than half of companies use a contracts management system and 83% of all companies surveyed use an eBilling System.  

CLOC's Mary O'Carroll observes: "This year's data shows that while there is tremendous growth in legal operations, the field is still quite nascent.  Adoption of new practices and new technologies are still in the beginning phases and there is a lot of fragmentation in the service provider space.  This continues to be a incredibly dynamic and fast changing industry to be in."

The full results of the survey are available to everyone and include:

  • Legal spending benchmarks by company size and industry
  • Headcount metrics and ratios by company size and industry

  • A listing of reported eBilling systems, contracts management systems and alternative service provider used

  • A ranking of law firm performance criteria used by legal operations teams to evaluate providers

Register for CLOC's Inaugural 2018 EMEA Institute

CLOC EMEA Institute | London, UK | 23 Jan 2018

For the first time ever, CLOC is expanding outside the U.S. with a
2018 EMEA Institute taking place in London on 23 January, 2018. This energized, inclusive, and open community welcomes industry veterans and newcomers, allowing attendees to create a breadth and depth of connections not available anywhere else. 

The latest speaker to join the CLOC EMEA roster is Professor Richard Susskind OBE, an author, speaker, and independent adviser to major professional firms and to national governments is confirmed to speak at CLOC's EMEA Institute in London. You won't want to miss his take on the future of legal operations.

Register now for this exciting inaugural event.

CLOC U.S. Institute - April 22-25, 2018

The 2018 CLOC Institute, the largest gathering of legal operations professionals in the world, will be returning to the Bellagio in Las Vegas April 22-25, 2018.  With more than 75 curated educational sessions, provided by industry leaders, the CLOC Institute offers unrivaled opportunities to learn, share, and connect.

Registration is open! Register now to be a part of the movement.

These events provide plenty of opportunities to learn, share and network with leaders of the industry.  For both these events, sponsorship, speaking and branding opportunities are also available.  Please contact or for more information.

CLOC Initiatives

Be sure to check out our completed initiatives published on CLOC's public site. 

Cyber Security Initiative

Initiative Lead: Gary Tully, Head of Legal Operations, Gilead Sciences Inc.

CLOC’s Legal Cyber Security Initiatives’ objective is to bring together the Corporate clients and Law Firm Partners to address the ever-present threat of cyber attacks on our organizations.  From the role of Legal Operations, we stand well positioned to address this problem.  By partnering with our colleagues at law firms, we can make a difference.  If you would like to make an impact that changes the Legal industry in a significant way, join this initiative by contacting Gary Tully (

Upcoming CLOC Regional Meetings

11/16 - New York Group Meeting

11/24 - Pacific Northwest Group Meeting

12/5 - Pittsburgh Group Meeting

12/12 - Bay Area Group Meeting

For additional meeting details go to the Regional Groups site or email

CLOC Regional Group Updates

CLOC is thrilled to announce the launch of two new regional groups - Minnesota and Arkansas!  Keep an eye out for upcoming meeting dates and more information on how to join.  

The Emerging Legal Department (ELD) group welcomes Ashlee Best to the helm and thanks Frances Pomposo for her leadership in growing the group to more than 100 members.  Frances has taken on a new role with Workday as the Director of Legal Operations.  Ashlee joins ELD group leadership as the Sr. Legal Operations Manager at Dropbox.

Check out CLOC’s Regional Group community page for information about how to join one of CLOC’s regional groups.

CLOC By the Numbers   

CLOC Members: 1,049
Companies Represented: 542
Fortune 500 Representation: 25%
U.S. States Represented: 40
Countries Represented: 32
Regional Groups 22

We're adding 750 Members a Year!

CLOC: Reshaping the Legal Services Industry

A PLI on-demand one-hour briefing with Connie Brenton, Christine Coats, Jeffrey Franke, and Mary Shen O'Carroll

Hear directly from CLOC leadership. Learn how these legal professionals are collaborating with the entire legal ecosystem to disrupt how things have always been done, from quality metrics to pricing practices to services delivery.

Get a glimpse into the CLOC community and understand why this legal association has grown to a membership of over 1,000 individuals.

Watch the briefing

What are members talking about in the Forum?

  • Contract Complexity Matrix / Scoring System
    • What is the best practice to rate the complexity of contracts?
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • How are you using Artificial Intelligence technologies within your Legal/Compliance Organization?
    • How are you planning/preparing for the adoption of AI technologies within your organization for the future?
  • Staffing Needs
    • How you utilize administrative staff?  
    • Do you assign admin staff to specific attorneys or business segments?  
    • How many staff are assigned to handle billing?
    • Temporary attorneys: Which companies do you use for hiring?
  • GDPR Compliance
    • What platform are you using for GDPR Compliance

The community forum is open to all members. Be a part of the conversation and learn from your peers today!

Not a member?  Join here.

CLOC Member Spotlights

J. Scott Morgan

Title: Director of Legal Operations

Company: Air Canada

CLOC Role: Co-Founder of Canadian CLOC Chapter

How did you become involved in CLOC? I attended the CLOC Institute and was totally impressed. When the opportunity came up to start a Canadian chapter with two other Canadian CLOC members, I jumped on it.

Your biggest aspiration for your legal ops team: To move our legal department delivery of legal services to the leading edge. 

Your proudest legal ops achievement: The creative funding of very significant litigation costs through a combination of contingency fees and an insurance product for disbursements that resulted in a minimal outlay of costs (unless successful) that enabled Air Canada to undertake high risk litigation.

Want to become a member? Join CLOC today!
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CLOC Newsletter | October 2017

Register for CLOC's 2018 U.S. Institute Today!

Register today and bring your entire team to the 2018 CLOC Corporate Legal Operations Institute -- the largest and fastest growing gathering of corporate legal operations professionals in the world. 

We'll be returning to beautiful Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 22-25, 2018.  Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders, network with thousands of your peers and obtain valuable training from over 75 content sessions.  Experts will share what it takes to build the right people, process, and technology strategies that are shaping the future of the legal industry.  Everyone in the legal ecosystem is encouraged to join us to share your ideas, your stories, and hear thousands more. As always, networking meals, cocktail hours and evening events will provide a great opportunity to shake hands and have a great time.

The CLOC Institute is the one event you don’t want to miss.

Register for CLOC's Inaugural 2018 EMEA Institute

Registration is open for CLOC’s first ever EMEA Institute in London on January 23, 2018. The Institute will be held at the Rosewood Hotel and will include industry leaders from around the world. Attendees from the entire legal ecosystem are invited to attend. Register here.

CLOC Initiatives

Be sure to check out our completed initiatives published on CLOC's public site. 

Dashboard Initiative Update

The Dashboard Initiative is splitting into three groups: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. These groups will be tailored to the level of dashboard proficiency within member organizations. If you're a member of the Dashboard Initiative, be on the lookout for a forthcoming survey. 

Upcoming CLOC Regional Meetings

10/10 - Pittsburg Meeting

10/27 - Pacific Northwest Meeting

For additional meeting details go to the Regional Groups site or email

CLOC By the Numbers   

CLOC Members: 942
Companies Represented: 510
Fortune 500 Representation: 24%
U.S. States Represented: 41
Countries Represented: 30

New Regional Groups 

CLOC is excited to announce the official launch of two new regional groups - Ohio and North Carolina! Both groups launched in September and will provide an outlet for CLOC’s growing presence in each state. You can join the Ohio group and North Carolina group on CLOC’s Regional Groups community page.

CLOC Member Spotlights

Ashley Bolender

Title: Leader, Senior Counsel - Commercial Contracting

Company: General Electric Company

CLOC Role: Active CLOC Member

How did you become involved in CLOC? Researching legal market operations thought leaders.  

Your biggest aspiration for your legal ops team: To continue to support our enterprise legal service delivery transformation with a specific focus on commercial contracting. It’s the legal and business interface between GE and its customers and generally the largest area of work for most legal departments. Poorly managed contracts also account for claims, damages, delays, margin erosion, and lost and concealed business. A large portion of the associated commercial contracting costs reside outside of legal - therein lies the challenge and the opportunity. Transformation is in part about categorizing transactions based on value/complexity and aligning the functional legal support to the topmost of these transactions. To support the remainder of the transactions, the focus shifts to disruptive/enabling technologies and content and process management.

Your proudest legal ops achievement: The implementation of the automated contract generation tool, Octiv. Implementation of Octiv has changed the internal interface of our channel contracting by enabling automated contract generation, internal workflow management, and internal collaboration with online redlining functionality. It has also enhanced customer experience by providing the ability for real time - online negotiations, revision and audit trail history, email and text notifications, and mobile enabled electronic execution of agreements. Through the implementation we’ve seen a 1.2 hour savings in drafting time per agreement, a 70% reduction in overall cycle time, an 8% reduction in the number of unexecuted agreements, 121 dynamic templates managed by a singular workflow, an ability to increase volume twofold without increasing headcount, and 95% positive results from our customer survey.

Lisa Brzycki

Title: Director, Legal Operations and Technology

Company: Northwestern Mutual

CLOC Role: Lead of the Chicago/Milwaukee Regional Group

How did you become involved in CLOC? When I started this role about two years ago, I had quality manufacturing operations experience and for years prior to that I was in private practice as a patent agent, but I needed help to blend these two worlds together to lead a legal operations team. I talked to my colleagues at other companies, and one of them told me about CLOC. As soon as I reached out, I was impressed that so many people offered to help me and share their best practices, lessons learned and experiences.  

Your biggest aspiration for your legal ops team: Our team aspires to change the way people work in order to continuously improve the delivery of legal services. We strive to be an information-enabled department fully leveraging data and technology to drive operational excellence.  

Your proudest legal ops achievement: We are definitely a work in progress and we are learning every day how to drive change in our department. Based on the full support from our Law Department leadership team and a strong partnership with our IT organization, last year we implemented an electronic billing and matter management solution – on time, with increased scope and within our budget. 

Want to become a member? Join CLOC today!
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CLOC Newsletter | August 2017

Save the Date: 2018 CLOC U.S. Institute

CLOC is gearing up for the 2018 CLOC Institute (April 22-25, 2018 at Bellagio Las Vegas).  We are confident that 2018 will be another huge year for the CLOC Institute and for the community.  We are also happy to announce that our sponsorship packages for the event are ready and we expect to sell out of sponsorship packages for the third year in a row.  To secure your spot, please contact

Announcing the 2018 CLOC EMEA Institute in London 

CLOC is excited to announce our first ever CLOC EMEA Institute to be held in London. More details and information coming soon. 

CLOC Initiative Updates

It’s never too late to join (or start) a CLOC Initiative and anyone in the legal ecosystem can join!  Our goal with CLOC Initiatives is to bring together the best of the best and develop a set of industry guidelines.  The guidelines produced by our Initiatives will help standardize practices across the ecosystem, benefitting everyone.  Check out our existing guidelines published on our public site.  If you’d like to join an ongoing Initiative (listed below) please contact the Initiative lead. 

Knowledge Management Initiative Update: 
The KM group's next meeting is September 6th at 2PM (US Eastern).  The meeting will focus on the 2017 CLOC Institute KM presentation, the KM Initiative features of the CLOC members website (topics, files, wikis), member participation, and upcoming goals.  To attend, log onto the CLOC members website and download the invitation from the KM Initiative’s calendar.

Upcoming CLOC Regional Meetings

Sept. 13: CLOC North Carolina Meeting

Sept. 14: CLOC Ohio Meeting

Sept. 18: CLOC Bay Area Meeting

Sept. 21: CLOC Europe/UK Meeting

Sept. 26: CLOC Chicago/Milwaukee Meeting

Sept. 29: CLOC Texas Annual Meeting

For additional meeting details go to the Regional Groups site or email

CLOC By the Numbers   

CLOC Members: 750
Companies Represented: 468
Fortune 500 Representation: 24%
U.S. States Represented: 39
Countries Represented: 18

Member Discounts

We have just launched our new membership benefits and discounts program which will allow firms and vendors to offer exclusive discounts to CLOC members.  More information for providers who would like to offer a discount can be found here.  We will share provider offers with CLOC members in the near future.  As always, please contact with any questions.

CLOC Member Spotlights

Jeffery Heyer-Jones

Current Position: Senior Director, Office of the Chief Legal Officer (OCLO) Operations

Company: Nationwide

CLOC Role: Lead of the Ohio Regional Group

How did you become involved in CLOC? I moved into my role from one of our business units last year.  As I was getting acclimated to the role I was looking for an industry group to join with professionals that lead the Legal Operations at other companies.  A quick Google search lead me to CLOC and the rest is history!

Your biggest aspiration for your legal ops team? To be a trusted team of experts that supports the Office of the Chief Legal Officer.

Your proudest legal ops achievement? The work the Legal Operations team is doing along with our IT Teams to simplify and modernize our business processes and technology across the office.  This is a work in progress and it has been exciting to see the partnerships form between the two groups to drive change within our organization.

Angie Marlow

Current Position: Legal Operations Manager

Company: Husqvarna Group

CLOC Role: Lead of the North Carolina Regional Group

How did you become involved in CLOC? I became aware of CLOC through professional networking with other peers in the legal ops field.  I had already joined the legal ops section with ACC, and later became introduced to the CLOC family.

Your biggest aspiration for your legal ops team: To gain more connectivity with legal affairs globally.  Specifically connected through processes and technology.

Your proudest legal ops achievement: The financial analytics piece of my legal operations role has proven to be extremely difficult, as all regions are fragmented in systems being utilized or none at all.  It has been most challenging to bring all this analytical data together in order to give Senior GC visibility.  I believe I have a good understanding of North America and Europe regions, which I knew nothing about when I started in my new role.  This is a major accomplishment.  I am continually endeavoring to grasp knowledge related to our APAC and South American regions.

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CLOC Newsletter | July 2017

2017 CLOC Institute Recap

That’s a wrap! CLOC’s 2017 Institute attracted more than 1,000 participants from around the world to the Bellagio in Las Vegas - the largest gathering of Legal Ops professionals in history! From May 9-11th, participants enjoyed three days of content-rich sessions and 100% of participants indicated their satisfaction with the topics covered and Institute overall. Be sure to check out the main highlights on CLOC’s new YouTube channel!

Share your favorite moments from the conference with the community! Follow @cloc_org and use hashtag #CLOC2017 on Twitter and share updates on Linkedin.

Patent Prosecution Deliverable Framework Initiative

With sample contributions from over 60 companies, we are proud to announce the launch of this cross-industry initiative focused on developing a deliverable framework for patent prosecution work. This framework is the result of collaboration between legal operations teams, law firms, alternative service providers and IP technology vendors. It aims to establish a common language and framework for in-house legal departments to use when defining scope for patent prosecution work with outside counsel and provides a starting point for developing fee arrangements. We hope that many of you will consider adopting it.  

Special thanks to major contributors to this effort including Jim Hannigan (Fenwick & West), David Ishimaru (Yahoo), David Jordan (Fish & Richardson), Randi Karpinia (Motorola Solutions), Doug Luftman (Lecorpio), Cathy Nguyen (Google), Mary O’Carroll (Google), Rajiv Patel (Fenwick & West), and George Simion (NetApp).

Upcoming CLOC Regional Meetings

July 26 - Australia Meeting 11:00am - 2:00pm AEST

August 16 - Texas Meeting 10:00am - 11:00am CST (via online meeting)

August 16 - ELD Meeting 10:00am - 2:00pm PST (TBD or via online meeting)

For additional meeting details go to the Regional Groups site or email

Join Our Community of Legal Operations Professionals


Tap into the power of the world’s premier legal operations community. Our members enjoy exclusive access to the people and tools that are shaping the future of the industry. Find best practices, get answers, and create connections that last. Gain skills and knowledge that can help you stand out and win in your career. Join today.

CLOC Member Spotlights

Tracey Gallegos

Current Position: Manager, Legal Operations

Company: Argonne National Laboratory

How did you become involved in CLOC? I managed a private law firm for nearly a decade prior to obtaining my in-house position. The transition from one world to another was difficult, and there really was almost no support for those in my role until CLOC. Joining an organization in which I could collaborate with others like me was a huge help in getting through my day-to-day. Even if my colleagues are unable to give me an immediate answer, it is tremendously helpful to know that others go through the same challenges. Sharing experiences and exchanging ideas is incredibly helpful.

What is the most valuable thing you've gained through CLOC? The networking and collaboration with other CLOC members is hands down the best value of being involved in CLOC. CLOC members are huge resources to each other.

What is the biggest challenge facing the legal ops industry? The biggest challenge, I believe, in the industry is trying to align our outside counsel with our goals. Building partnerships with outside counsel in every facet of the relationship is essential in order to effectively serve our internal business units. Because a huge chunk of that partnership means we need to watch our budgets while understanding that law firms are businesses and need to turn a profit, finding mutually beneficial pricing is tantamount to positive outcomes. Legal Operations have technology available to help determine fair and accurate pricing models, while law firms either don’t have it available or don’t want to see/hear it.

Kristi Anne Gedid

Current Position: Director, Global Legal Contract Management

Company: Mylan, Inc.

How did you become involved in CLOC? I was introduced to CLOC through a colleague at Mylan on the indirect sourcing team. She is not a member, but she happened upon the group while doing some research and forwarded me the information. I went onto the CLOC website, was extremely interested and joined immediately. I had been looking for a group like this for some time.

What is the most valuable thing you've gained through CLOC? The most valuable thing I have gained is to be able to connect with like-minded individuals to share ideas. 

What is the biggest challenge facing the legal ops industry? Driving and implementing change. The legal community, as a general rule, looks to the past to plan for the future. The market for legal services is changing rapidly and will continue to change as technology evolves. This constant evolution makes looking to the past for guidance challenging and the legal community has historically been slower to adapt to change, especially with technology. 

Sandy Owen

Current Position: Chief of Staff and Director of Business Services, Business Legal Group, Intel Law and Policy Group

Company: Intel Corporation

How did you become involved in CLOC? I’ve been involved since the beginning. I still remember when Connie came over to our main campus in Santa Clara and told me about a group of Legal Operations professionals she was going to get together with the intent of sharing best practices and developing Legal Operations in the Silicon Valley.  Back then it was just a handful of us, and the meetings were part socializing,  part commiserating, and part sharing success.  I’m proud of how much CLOC has evolved and grown over the years!

What is the most valuable thing you've gained through CLOC? CLOC has been invaluable to me in building connections with other professionals in the Legal Operations space. Since day 1, this group has been extremely generous in their willingness to help and lend a hand to the ‘next generation’ of Legal Operations professionals. Learning from others who have already tackled some of the same issues you’re facing not only saves a lot of time but through our collective experiences we’ve also been able to work with solution providers to shape the direction of their offerings.  

What is the biggest challenge facing the legal ops industry? In my opinion it comes down to data - having access to all the data we’re generating, making sure it’s right, and then ensuring we can use it to create meaningful metrics with respect to our overall strategy. Having the ability to accurately measure ourselves and then drive improvements using metrics is critical.  I’m currently leading a CLOC metrics team in which we’re working to create a library of metrics that anyone can adopt along with the algorithms and information about where to gather the data for each. We believe this will be a significant advance in the journey toward a standard set of metrics for Legal Operations – stay tuned.

Carrie Powicki

Current Position: Associate General Counsel, Chief of Staff and Head of Legal Operations for the Transamerica Law, Compliance, Communications and Human Resources Department (“LCC-HR”)

Company: Transamerica

How did you become involved in CLOC? After nine years in various legal roles at Transamerica, I took over as Chief of Staff/Head of Legal Operations when the approximately 400-employee law department merged into one. My first project was to “converge” the number of law firms used by Transamerica. I researched options, brainstormed what I thought would be the best model, and developed a plan that was much bigger than reducing the number of law firms Transamerica used. My convergence research led me to many other ideas about how to make the Transamerica law department leaner, innovative and more cost effective. But there were so many great ideas…too many to manage at once. One of the biggest challenges in Legal Ops is to know where to begin and how to find the resources to achieve all there is to accomplish. Fortuitously, I met Connie Brenton who invited me to join CLOC and the rest is history.

What is the most valuable thing you've gained through CLOC? CLOC has grown considerably in the two years I have been involved and has offered unparalleled support, including: templates, research, advice, vendor/technology reviews and suggestions, innovative solutions, contacts, the Institute and more. My team is also in various CLOC groups applicable to their work (e.g., technology, reporting). I find it rewarding that CLOC represents a movement of Legal Ops professionals who want to make a meaningful and positive impact on companies through benefiting the operation of the corporate legal department. It doesn’t matter whether one is from a tech company or an insurance company, large or small, private sector or government - there is something for everyone with CLOC. The group is exciting, agile, innovative and energetic. It’s an exciting time and a great group with which to be affiliated.  

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Around the CLOC - January 2017

CLOC Newsletter | March 2017

Book your room at the Bellagio before time runs out!

Be sure to take advantage of the limited number of rooms with CLOC's special rate ($199/night) at the Bellagio. The discount period ends April 1st

Don't forget to register as well! The countdown has begun and preliminary session topics have been selected for CLOC’s 2nd Annual Institute May 9-11th in Las Vegas. We hope you’ll join us at the largest gathering of Legal Operations professionals in the world. If you have any questions, email

CLOC European Launch

The inaugural CLOC Europe meeting took place on Monday, February 27 at British Telecom’s (BT) offices in London. Twenty-five recognised leaders in legal innovation gathered for the first of four roundtables this year to discuss common operational and management challenges for in-house Legal departments. Dan Fitz, BT’s General Counsel, gave the opening address which demonstrated the growing importance of the legal operations role to GCs. The results of CLOC’s legal operations European Maturity Model Survey were also released.

Connie Brenton, CLOC CEO and Head of Legal Operations at NetApp, addressed the group assembled by long-time CLOC member, Aine Lyons, VP & Deputy General Counsel at VMware. The Europe group’s goal is to mirror the success of CLOC in the U.S. and bring legal operations professionals together, share best practices, and drive positive change across the corporate legal services ecosystem. It was an extraordinary event – the people and talent, the passion, the collaboration was extraordinary!

Member Highlight: Lucy Bassli

Lucy was recently promoted Assistant General Counsel, Legal Operations and Contracting at Microsoft. We caught up with Lucy to hear about her new position and legal ops journey. Also be sure to check out Lucy’s podcast, “Go for it! The other side of legal business development table” with LeftFoot.

Lucy’s Story:

I have been interested in efficiencies and legal processes since I stepped foot into Microsoft’s legal department 12+ years ago. The overwhelming volume of contracts that came to my desk as a transactional attorney forced me to be creative and led me on my legal outsourcing journey. With outsourcing came process simplification, automation and smarter resourcing models. I quickly discovered that this is where my passion lies – figuring out new ways of lawyering and helping attorneys remove the repeatable, predictable work off their plates. Once an opportunity came up to consolidate some existing legal operations functions with the contracting operations I had developed, I jumped on it! Now I can apply my experience with operational efficiencies and automation to other parts of our department.

Corporate Memberships Now Available

Membership to CLOC is now available Enterprise-wide so your entire Legal Ops department can take advantage of the extensive resources available only to our members. If you’ve already renewed your membership and would like to switch to an Enterprise account for your company, please email Costs of all existing individual memberships within a company will be deducted from the Enterprise price ($2,500).

Individual membership is also available for $195 per year and includes a discount for our 2017 Institute.

Your membership to our community is the best way to make sure your voice is heard as we shape the legal ecosystem. Membership also provides you access to CLOC members around the world and real-time benchmarking and insights.  

CLOCstar Awards 

Nominate Your CLOCstars: Help us celebrate the amazing contributions made in our Legal Ops world. We want to recognize CLOC members: Rising Stars, Serial Innovators, Results Deliverers, Early-Adopters, Technology Drivers, Community Contributors, Sharers, Initiative Leaders, Promotors-of-the-Profession and Ops-Embracing GCs.  Nominees must be CLOC members who are in-house legal ops professionals. You may nominate individuals or teams in multiple categories or submit multiple nominations.

Nominate those who deserve recognition by clicking here and completing the submission form on or before Friday, April 14th.

CLOC Institute Workshop: Personality Traits & Team Building

Prior to the CLOC Institute on May 9 – 11 at the Bellagio, Las Vegas, CLOC is pleased to offer you a special opportunity to participate in a interactive workshop on the importance of personality traits and legal department team building by noted industry expert Dr. Larry Richard, PhD.  

The session will take place from 2:30-5:30pm on Monday, May 8th at the Bellagio for only $75pp. Space is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. You must register here in advance. 

This workshop will introduce you to the 18 traits of the Caliper Profile scientific instrument. You will complete the Caliper test in advance and receive feedback during the workshop about your own personality traits.

CLOC Initiative Updates

Legal Operations Career Development Initiative

Initiative Lead, Peter Krakaur

The CLOC Legal Operations Career Development Initiative is excited to announce the publication of the Legal Operations Career Skills Toolkit

The Toolkit provides the legal ecosystem a roadmap to assess legal ops skills and careers. Individuals can use the toolkit to plan for, transition to, and develop a legal operations career. Legal department leaders, in turn, can use the toolkit to explore and build their team's current and future operational skills. The toolkit enables users to conduct a quick Ops skills gap analysis, identify opportunities for growth, and access approximately 100 online networking, reading and training resources.

The initiative was led by Peter Krakaur. A special thank you to David Cowan, Terrene Collins, Carrie Powicki, Carrie Mallen, and Katrine Keiffer for their contributions. 

Peter and Jennifer McCarron (CLOC NYC Regional Co-Lead) will present to the New York City Bar Association on March 29th from 6pm-8pm on "What is Legal Ops? An Exercise on Finding and Succeeding in a Legal Operations Career." Check out the event here

Law Firm Performance Evaluation Initiative

Initiative Co-Lead, Molly Tynan Perry

Initiative mission: Develop a common methodology for evaluating outside counsel performance for use by CLOC member law departments.

Initiative pilot: The working group created a survey which is currently being piloted by initiative members. If you would like to pilot or implement the survey, contact Molly Tynan Perry ( or Kevin Clem ( Be sure to check out the initiative’s community page.

Molly's current position: Chief Operating Officer (reporting to the General Counsel) at HP Enterprise

Molly's "legal ops" story: I was contacted by a former manager to fill an operations role for the IP team. Our General Counsel created the COO role in 2013 and centralized previously distributed Legal Operations roles under the COO role, along with our Technology Solutions, Records Management and e-Billing teams. Our organization includes the Legal function, as well as Global Security, Cyber Security, Brand Protection and Aviation. Prior to joining the OGC I held various strategy, planning and finance positions at HP, and started my career with Ernst Young in Dallas.

Emerging Law Department Group

Frances Pomposo, Co-Lead

How did you become involved with the Emerging Law group? I joined the Emerging Law Group in late 2016 when I started as Head of Legal Operations at Lyft. Previously, I was the legal operations manager at Adobe for 3 1/2 years. I participated in CLOC throughout my time at Adobe, and look forward to bringing my experience from both to my role as co-lead of the group.

What is your current role and how did you becoming involved in Legal Ops? My current role is Head of Legal Operations at Lyft. My work in Legal Ops started when I transitioned from a paralegal role at Adobe into their Legal Ops team. I initially worked on knowledge management and technology, but soon grew into the legal operations under the mentorship of Lisa Konie. I am also fortunate to have been a part of the early days of CLOC and am delighted to see its growth these past few years.

How has the community enabled emerging law departments to connect across the ecosystem? The community does this best through messaging platforms, mobilizing CLOC legacy knowledge, and fostering relationships. The live ELD meetings enable collaboration and sharing in real time. The Socius platform makes the immense amount of CLOC knowledge and experience readily available and useful. And most importantly, a strong sense of community has been established and that has fostered great relationships that would otherwise not be possible.

How would you like to see the group and emerging law departments evolve? I’d like to see the group increase our knowledge base and expand the reach that our programs have. I’d also love to see the group roll out a comprehensive best practices resource that would serve as the standard for emerging legal operations programs. The group has played a major role in my professional development, and I hope to see the group have the same impact on even more legal operations professionals.

NYC Regional Group

Kim Wolfe

What is your current role? I’ve been at Barclays for 16 years in a number of roles across Operations, the Business and now Legal. Currently, I am the Chief of Staff and Global COO for Barclays International Legal.

What do you see as the biggest challenge or opportunity in legal operations in the future? Any operations function, Legal or otherwise, is constantly under cost pressures and expected to operate as leanly and efficiently as possible… The Legal Operations function has an opportunity to define and execute the function in such a way that it relieves the lawyers of non-legal work, so that the Firm is getting best value for money as it relates to the lawyer’s time.

How did you become involved with CLOC? Mary Shen O’Carroll reached out to me only weeks after I had started in the role… She told me the story of CLOC, and I was immediately intrigued and excited… A few months back, an email was circulated across the membership asking for a volunteer to coordinate the NY region. In addition to my banking career, I’ve run a few small businesses and also led the Northeast region for a business fraternity. It seemed only natural for me to raise my hand and dive right in.

How do you envision CLOC and the NYC group supporting in house counsel going forward? CLOC has proven to be a very agile organization with a wide global reach. Members only need to throw out a question or an issue by email, and information and guidance comes flying in at a such a rapid pace, that it’s challenging to keep up… CLOC is a hub that connects people across the globe who are working in a common function. It enables us to not only compare notes on technologies, policies, and a whole host of other topics but also to implement solutions far more quickly than would’ve been possible without each other.

Jennifer McCarron

What is your current role? Legal Product Owner, Spotify

How did you become involved in Legal Ops? As a Tech Program Manager in Tandberg (acquired by Cisco) and Cisco's Legal Operations team.

How did you become involved with CLOC? I learned of CLOC through my VP of Legal Ops at Cisco, Steve Harmon, one of CLOC's founders. My involvement began with benchmarking knowledge management with other bay area tech companies, attending the first institute, and now, co-leading the New York City CLOC Chapter.

How can members learn more about the New York group? Under the Regional Groups > NYC Chapter section of CLOC community website, Community Calendar, or by contacting Kim Wolfe ( or myself (

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Around the CLOC - January 2017

CLOC Newsletter | January 2017

Renew Your Membership by January 30th

Free access to CLOC's membership community ends January 30th. The membership site is accessible at and enables CLOC members to connect and collaborate, share best practices, and access the wealth of resources from across the ecosystem.

Be sure to register NOW to continue to access this invaluable resource. 

Completed CLOC Initiatives

January 2017: The CLOC Internship Initiative is excited to announce the publication of an Internship Playbook developed by a collaborative group within the legal ecosystem. 

The playbook is accessible to everyone in the legal ecosystem and posted under Guidelines and Initiatives on our website.

A special thank you to the team that contributed to this initiative including: Ashlee Best, Connie Brenton, Daniel Coll, Lisa Konie, Tom Davidson, Terry Galligan, Sandy MacDonnell, Sarah McCormick, and Sami Najm.

Fall 2016: CLOC released a summary for the role of Legal Operations & Chief of Staff. The summary of key responsibilities is posted under Guidelines and Initiatives

Early Bird Pricing for CLOC Institute Ends Soon

Early bird pricing for the 2017 CLOC Institute ends February 1st. The Institute is May 9-11 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. It will feature more than 50 content rich sessions and convene the largest gathering of Legal Ops professionals in the world. Register today.

Legal Operations Compensation Survey Coming This Week 

Legal operations is a relatively new discipline and as such we lack quality benchmarks on how different legal operations roles in different industries and locales are compensated.
To address this information vacuum, CLOC will conduct a legal operations compensation survey the week of January 23rd. The survey will be completely anonymous.
Please participate and help us provide you with the information you need to drive compensation conversations and career development decisions thoughtfully.

Atlanta Regional Group Leadership 

Laura Dieudonne

Title: General Manager – Legal Administration
Company: Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Legal Dept Size: 55
Size of Team: 12
Something you are currently working on at work? Performance Evaluations and RFP fee arrangements.
What you like to do for fun? Travel, spending time with family and community relations.

Interesting or fun fact: I have worked over 30 years in the law firm environment in legal administration/human resources and Delta is my first in-house position.

Boston Regional Group Leadership 

Brenda Hansen

Title: Compliance & Legal Operations Lead
Company: Biogen
How did you become involved in legal operations?
I’ve always worked with attorneys. My first job was a receptionist, “girl-Friday” for a law firm in High School. After college I started as a litigation paralegal and realized that I wanted more. That’s when I  began my mentorship with the Office Administrator at the firm. I was eventually promoted to the Office Administrator role and started my career in operations. I find it challenging and rewarding.  

How did you become involved with CLOC?
Several colleagues recommended CLOC as a resource for some benchmarking we were doing in my organization. At the same time, a few vendors I was speaking with also recommended CLOC. Once I looked into it and realized the breadth of professionals in the organization, I was hooked.

Christina Jackson

Title: Legal Operations Specialist, Global Law & Policy for GE
How did you become involved in legal operations? 
I didn’t know it at the time, but looking back, I’ve been working in legal operations almost my entire professional career... I am passionate about utilizing computers to address the mundane, repetitive, and analytical components of the practice of law. My inclinations - to build and apply technology that allows lawyers to actually operate as lawyers - kept pulling me towards what is now known as legal operations, and eventually gave me a name for what I always knew was a better way to practice law. I look forward to the challenge!
How did you become involved with CLOC? 
I heard about CLOC via the industry grapevine and was immediately attracted to the opportunity to learn from and contribute to the development of a group focused on companies, rather than vendors. Connie, Mary, and everyone I’ve met has been so enthusiastic about working together as we build this new industry; I’m looking forward to establishing more contacts nation-wide and in our new Boston group!

Houston Regional Group Leadership 

Vincent Cordo

Title: Global Sourcing Officer
Company: Shell Oil Company
Legal Dept Size: 800+
Size of Team: 5
Something on which you’re currently working? Designing a new AFA tracking system tied to our budgeting, RFP and invoicing systems. We’re also working on QBR heatmaps and executive dashboards.
What you like to do for fun? Family Time, Music, and I am a big time FOODIE!
Interesting or fun fact: I played music for many years.

Charlotte Harris

Title: Manager, Practice Support
Company: Hess Corporation  
Legal Dept Size: 45
Size of Team: 6
Something on which you’re currently working? The largest and most impactful project involves collaborating with IT, Records and other departments to defensibly delete legacy data and to develop processes and procedures to proactively manage data going forward.
What you like to do for fun? Reading and spending time with family, especially the grandkids.
Interesting or fun fact: I am the Chairman of the Board of Keep Magnolia Beautiful. 

Rebecca Purple

Title: Manager – Legal Operations & Administration
Company: CB&I
Legal Dept Size: 120
Size of Team: 6
Something on which you’re currently working? The most impactful thing I’m currently working on is a project to enhance the way we manage major litigation... As part of the project, we have worked with our law firms to agree upon terms that incentivize them based upon efficiency and outcome – not effort. In addition to increasing predictability in outside spend and a stronger partnership with our law firms, we are also expecting first year cost savings to be significant.
What you like to do for fun? I enjoy travelling and love boating and water sports. The very first thing I hope to do when I retire is make the Great Loop in my boat.
Interesting or fun fact: As a child, I spent summers on a small island on that my family originally purchased from the Wangunk Indians. We lived in a cottage with no electricity and spent our days swimming, boating, fishing, and building forts in the woods.

2017 CLOC Scholarship

Through our ongoing effort to engage the Legal Operations ecosystem across the spectrum, we’re elated to announce our second annual CLOC Scholarship. This scholarship is for graduate degree (J.D., MBA, and other) students who are interested in a career in Legal Operations.

The scholarship is a $10,000 award to be given to the most promising candidates whose applications show a genuine interest in a Legal Operations career.

Contact if you have any questions. Online applications will be accepted through March 6, 2017.

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CLOC Newsletter | October 2016

2017 CLOC Institute - Register Today!

CLOC’s 2017 Institute is May 9-11th at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. We anticipate between 500-800 participants from hundreds of companies will attend to learn from experiences across the legal system and transform their own legal departments. Register today!

CLOC Member Platform - Coming Soon

Membership is currently free and starting January 2017 we will charge small yearly membership dues to support our infrastructure and keep the organization growing. We're also going to be launching a new membership only section of the website that will include membership directories and community forums. Stay tuned for more details.

Recently Launched Initiatives

Creating standard program materials to be used for onboarding and managing legal operations internships, including sample planning, tracking and reporting templates. Identifying law schools with active legal operations internship programs and promoting the development of those programs in those that don’t, as well as liaising with faculty leads within those programs to connect them with interested corporate legal sponsors. Contact Dan Coll (

Legal Ops Career Development
The initiative aims to provide the legal ecosystem a roadmap to understand how to plan for, transition to, and develop a legal ops career. The initiati
ve will focus on researching and recommending career development best practices for legal operations professionals. Contact Peter Krakaur (

Legal Project Management (LPM)
The LPM Initiative will research and propose standards and resources for the development and implementation of LPM for CLOC ecosystem participants. The Initiative aims to provide a business case for adopting LPM in legal matters through developing templates and implementation protocols for in-house management of legal matters and outside counsel engagements. Contact Larry Bridgesmith (larry.bridgesmith@Law.Vanderbilt.Edu) or Patrick Ellis (

Rotation Programs
The Rotation Program Initiative pulls together best practices, lessons learned and alternative solutions for implementing and managing attorney rotation programs in large and small in-house Legal Departments. The initiative looks to map out the tactical, strategic and financial impacts of enhancing in-house attorney experiences by offering them an opportunity to explore the legal practices within their own Legal Department. Contact Molly Dodge (

CLOC Group Updates

Group Highlight: Australia
CLOC Australasia is up and running! Following a kick off call in August with GC and Legal Ops reps from a dozen of Australia’s largest companies, the CLOC team held their inaugural face to face meeting in Melbourne on September 2nd. The next chapter meeting will be in Sydney on October 24th. The chapter is putting its first efforts into sharing best practice on collecting legal department data to demonstrate value. Contact Mick Sheehy (

Reach out to your CLOC Colleagues to get involved in the following groups:
Atlanta - Laura Dieudonne (
Houston/Texas - Vince Cordo (
New York Area - Mary O'Carroll (
Pacific Northwest - Lisa Kremer Brown (
Emerging Law - Dana Varney (

Calling all Institute sponsors!

CLOC is offering sponsorships of all levels to showcase your company’s valuable resources and offerings throughout the Institute. There will be opportunities to present to attendees, take part in the exhibit hall, and much more depending on your level of sponsorship. We encourage you to refer to our 2017 CLOC Institute Sponsorship Overview to learn more.


Reminder - CLOC Member Meeting this Friday (10/7)

CLOC’s bi-monthly member meeting is this Friday, October 7th from 10am-2pm PT. All members should have received a calendar invitation with attendance information. Please email if you’re a member and did not receive the meeting information.

Member Spotlight · Lisa Kremer Brown

Title: Managing Director, Legal Operations and Strategy

Company: Starbucks Coffee Company

Legal Dept Size: 230

Size of Team: 25

Project Highlight: Working to define and implement our refined Outside Counsel Engagement Management Program (yes, it’s a large umbrella!), including data and process enhancements and addressing the latent reporting needs of our internal constituents.

What do you do for fun? Spend time with family and friends out on the water!

Interesting fact: I have spent most of my career supporting CIOs in the finance, vendor and project / portfolio management space. It has been a great challenge and opportunity for me to parlay that broad experience base and skillset to the corporate legal environment. I am immensely thankful to my CLOC colleagues for helping me to find my wings!

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Around the CLOC newsletter - August 2016

CLOC Newsletter | August 2016 

Supporting everyone in house

Membership to CLOC is now open to all in house professionals! Membership is currently free, but small dues will likely be set in the future as we grow and establish organizational infrastructure and support our many initiatives. If you haven’t already, sign up to be a member at

To our non-corporate friends - Stay tuned for way to participate and for benefits for other parts of the ecosystem (law firms, law schools, vendors, etc.) in the future.

CLOC is growing!

Following our inaugural institute in May, we’re proud to announce the formation of new regional groups. If you would like to join or learn more about a group, please contact the contacts below.

If you are interested in forming a regional group in your geography, please contact

Get to know your CLOC colleagues

Mick Sheehy
Title: General Counsel, Finance, Strategy, Technology & Innovation
Company: Telstra Corporation Limited
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Legal Dept Size: 200+
Size of my Team: 25
Project highlight: I’m really pleased with the progress of a new Legal Innovation Forum we’ve been running in Telstra. We’re using design thinking processes to rapidly prototype solutions to eliminate low value, non-strategic work. We are well on track to meet our end of calendar year target of eliminating 30,000 internal lawyer hours spent per annum on specific categories of low value work. 
What do you do for fun? Ocean yacht racing, kite surfing and playing guitar in my band.
Interesting fact: I had a previous career performing on film and stage as part of a comedy team. These days the only people who find me funny are my 3 small children.

Initiative Updates

Building on the release of CLOC’s Billing Guidelines and key Legal Operations role descriptions, CLOC members are leading several new initiatives. These initiatives involve working groups of CLOC members, as well as volunteers from throughout the ecosystem. We welcome the involvement of firms, vendors, technology providers and others to help create these industry best practices, together. Please contact the team leads directly to get involved.

We have several other initiative ideas in the pipeline (see our
website) that are in need of a leader. If you would like to volunteer to lead one or have a suggestion for a new initiative, contact

Law Firm Performance Evaluation - Creating a standard set of evaluation templates and reports (Molly Perry)

Metrics - Creating a standard set of metrics to serve as the common language in measuring performance across the industry (Sandy Owen)

IP Fixed Fees - Creating an industry standard for how to structure and define the scope for patent fixed fees (Mary O’Carroll)

Dashboards - Creating an industry standard dashboard for GC's and their reports that includes a set of standard KPI's and metrics which we will define during the project.  Will look to leverage an industry standard BI technology to build the dashboard and make the template available to all (Jeff Franke)

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