Legal Project Management Initiative

Over the past 10 years, law firms have begun to improve their budgeting and matter management skills through Legal Project Management (LPM). With some exceptions, corporate legal departments have lagged in their adoption of project management practices. This gap has been addressed by a CLOC initiative that focuses on LPM as a practical way to further augment the value of a legal department in the following situations:

  • Managing business clients’ expectations regarding the work lawyers should and do perform
  • Handling projects relating to legal operations
  • Participating corporate projects in which the legal department plays a supporting role (such as new product development)
  • Managing external service providers ranging from law firms to e-discovery vendors.

The LPM initiative team has created a practical Legal Project Management (LPM) Guide, based on a framework that breaks projects into four stages “Intake”, “Planning”, “Execution” and “Review”, each of which has activities, results, and success criteria, as well as roles and responsibilities. An LPM program or pilot can be developed from the initiative’s business case and action plan that outlines the why, what, how, and whom of LPM.

Thank you to the nearly 30 members of the legal ecosystem who participated in the creation of this initiative led by: Larry Bridgesmith (Legal Alignment), Patrick Ellis (General Motors), Aileen Leventon (Edge International), Pratik Patel (Elevate), Scott Rosenberg (LegalShift), and David Rueff (Baker Donelson).

Webinar Series

These webinars are available to CLOC members only. If you’re an in-house legal operations professional, become a member now.

Under the leadership of Aileen Leventon, Edge International and David Rueff, Baker Donelson, participants in the CLOC LPM Initiative and CLOC members have created a 5-part webinar series that provides practical tools you can use immediately to include project management practices in your repertoire. Each session is packed with 25 minutes of content with additional time for Q&A.

Session Panelists Date Recordings
(Member Access Only)
Session #1
Overview of the CLOC Framework & LPM Intake
Scott Rosenberg, LegalShift
Danny Kotlowitz, Telstra
David Rueff, Baker Donelson
Aileen Leventon, Edge International
March 8, 2019 Recorded Webinar
For Members Only
Session #2
LPM Planning
Helga Butcher, Barclays
Susan Raridon Lambreth, LawVision
David Rueff, Baker Donelson
Aileen Leventon, Edge International
March 22, 2019 Recorded Webinar
For Members Only
Session #3
LPM Executing
Rick Karuthia, Gowling
Janelle Belling, Perkins Coie
Troy Dunham, Adobe
Pratik Patel, Elevate
Aileen Leventon, Edge International
March 29, 2019 Recorded Webinar
For Members Only
Session #4
LPM Review
Dan Safran, LegalShift
Dominic Crosby, Microsoft
Janelle Belling, Perkins Coie
Aileen Leventon, Edge International
April 12, 2019 Recorded Webinar
For Members Only
Session #5
LPM Model Application
David Rueff, Baker Donelson
Alex Rosenrauch, Telstra
Aileen Leventon, Edge International
April 26, 2019 Recorded Webinar
For Members Only

Resources and Tools

Team Leaders

Larry Bridgesmith, Legal Alignment
Patrick Ellis, General Motors
Aileen Leventon, Edge International
Pratik Patel, Elevate
Scott Rosenberg, LegalShift
David Rueff, Baker Donelson

LPM Team (2016-2018)

Connie Brenton, NetApp
Karen Murakami, Verizon
Danny Kotlowitz, Telstra
Mick Sheehy, Telstra
Verity White, Telstra
Lisa Goodman, Telstra
Lisa Brown, Starbucks
Marisa Flores, Starbucks
Nicole Bergknoff, Raymond James
Christopher Ende, GE
Karen Helten, Kaiser Permanente
Greg Kaple, Kaiser Permanente
Mary McKay, GAPAC
Rick Kathuria, Gowlings WLG
Kevin Bielawski, Husch Blackwell
Janelle Belling, Perkins Coie
Brendan McInerney, Dorsey & Whitney LLP
Lynne Maher, Hunton & Williams LLP
Stuart Dodds, Baker Mckenzie
Gavin Gray, Baker Mckenzie
Andy Daws, Riverview Law
Brian Pike, Riverview Law
Liam Brown, Elevate Services
Dan Safran, LegalShift
Susan Lambreth, LawVision Group