Get more done.

Our members are transforming their organizations, achieving more and advancing their careers through legal operations. Turn to our videos, templates, checklists, benchmarking, and exclusive member-generated content to advance your skill set and accelerate your team.

Plan for success

  • Set your legal operations strategy
  • Develop effective long-term plans
  • Map your organization’s operational maturity
  • Set clear and actionable metrics

Build a great team

  • Grow EQ skill sets and awareness
  • Benchmark your compensation against peers
  • Train and develop new skills
  • Automate and optimize workflows
  • Set a diversity strategy that works

Levarage data and technology

  • Create a technology roadmap
  • Design your dashboard (build vs. buy)
  • Implement technology to save time & money
  • Design effective knowledge management solutions
  • Understand AI and its impact

Maximize resources

  • Build best-in-class budgets
  • Use LSOs to optimize legal coverage models and minimize spend
  • Track and review performance across outside counsel
  • Maximize alignment across your entire ecosystem
  • Do more with less

Take your game to the next level.

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Mature Level

Litigation Support & IP Managemnet

Knowledge Management

Information Govermence & Record Management

Strategic Planning

Foundation Level

Financial Management

Vendor Management

Cross-Functional Alignment

Technology & Process Support

Advanced Level

Service Delivery & Alternative Support Models

Organizational Design, Support & Management


Data Analytics