Law Firm Performance Evaluation Survey

Conducting performance reviews of your outside legal counsel is a task that often falls to legal operation and procurement professionals. When it comes to measuring your outside legal counsels’ performance, law firms need to know what they are being evaluated to ensure the likelihood of consistent, high-quality performance scores. That’s where a robust evaluation survey and scorecard is critical. CLOC’s Law Firm Performance Evaluation is a brief sample survey that can be used to gather feedback from your attorneys on the performance of the firms that they engage with. Once feedback is gathered, performance can be scored consistently across all categories. You can integrate this sample survey into different platforms to encourage your attorneys to complete the survey at different phases of a matter or relationship. The scaling should remain quantifiable to ensure there is a separation of key criteria, in order to identify areas of improvement. Once your attorneys complete the evaluation, it would be best to gather the responses and create a report card that incorporates any comments or recognition to promote transparency. Thorough evaluations and annual business reviews with your law firms ensure that both parties are aligned, so the relationship continues to be mutually beneficial for long term success. Law firm partnerships are critical to the operations of a legal department and it’s important to recognize that continuous improvement requires patience and partnership. At CLOC, we understand that and want to provide you access to tools and resources to strengthen those partnerships.
Resources and Tools
Thank you to the members of the legal ecosystem who participated in the creation of this initiative led by: Molly Perry of Hewlett Packard Enterprises
Core Team:
  • Kimberly Bell, Nissan
  • Connie Brenton, NetApp
  • Kevin Clem, HBR Consulting
  • Peter Goett, Google
  • Susan Hacket, Legal Executive Leadership LLC
  • Aine Lyons, VMWare
  • Matt Wahlquist, US Bank