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July SALI Update

By Nicole Cote

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Last month, we shared news about LMSS 2.0 and promised more details on our roadmap, outlined below. There is also important news about upcoming events, and we encourage you to attend and participate! 


The primary components of LMSS 1.0 include area of law, service, player role, industry, location, legal entity, and governmental body. Subsequent releases will both broaden categories at the top level and include deep dives into key service areas that will enable enhanced matter classification and analysis. 

New data elements in the next release of the standard include:  

  • Engagement Terms. Describing a matter’s fee arrangement and related terms. 
  • Objectives. Describing the strategic goal of the matter. 
  • Events. Describing pivotal moments that define deliverables and milestones. 
  • Litigation Phase/Task. These are comprehensive, flexible, detailed codes for litigation that will map to Uniform Task-Based Management System (UTBMS) codes while also extending key matter data points describing matter scope to support pricing and project management.  
  • Patent Phase/Tasks. We are closely working with SALI affiliate LEDES to improve upon patent prosecution code redesign. 


  • August 24, 2021, 2-3 pm PT/5-6 pm ET. The SALI Alliance will be hosting a hybrid roundtable event, with the option to attend in-person at ILTACON in Mandalay Bay Ballroom B, or online from anywhere.  
  • September 2021. Release of LMSS 2.0, containing adjustments, modifications, and enhancements to 1.0 including the above additions. 
  • October 2021. The SALI Alliance will host another hybrid roundtable event, with the option to attend in-person at LVNX or online from anywhere (details forthcoming). 
  • Spring 2022. Release of LMSS 2.1 (details forthcoming). 

For more information, or to receive communications from the SALI Alliance, email info@sali.org.   


We welcome your input and your involvement! The most complete, practical standard can only be realized by continued contributions and adoption from organizations throughout the legal industry, particularly legal operations professionals and in-house counsel teams.  

A link to the standard, which anyone can use at no cost, can be found at SALI.org.  

In addition, there are a number of active and pending conversations to join, including:  

  • International working groups 
  • Area of law working groups 
  • Open forums for questions, feedback, and discussion among current and potential adopters 

For more information on the standard, adoption, or getting involved, please contact Kelly Harbour at kharbour@goulstonstorrs.com or Mark Medice at mmedice@lawvision.com