Job Opportunities

Citrix | Legal Operations Manager, Burlington, CA or Ft Lauderdale, FL; Aug 15, 2018

Equinix | Senior Manager, Legal Operations, Redwood City, CA; Aug 14, 2018

Solaris | Legal Operations Manager, London, UK; Aug 6, 2018

Revantage | Legal Operations Manager, Chicago, IL: July 31, 2018

General Motors | Director – Outside Counsel, Detroit, MI; July 31, 2018

Brackish | Head of Operations, Brackish Charleston, SC; July 26, 2018

MISO | Legal Operations Manager, Carmel, IN July 24, 2018

ZenDesk | Legal Operations Associate, San Francisco, CA, July 18

Snowflake | Legal Operations Paralegal, San Mateo, CA, June 18

PayPal | System Admin/Strategic Contracts Analyst, San Jose, CA or Omaha, NE, June 18

Ameren | Manager, Legal Operations, St. Louis, MO, June 17

Gilead Sciences, Inc | Legal Operations Lead, EMEA Region, London June 8

Macy’s | Director – Legal Strategy and Operations, June 8, 2018; Cincinnati, OH; or San Francisco, CA; or New York, NY

WeWork | Manager, Legal Systems, New York, NY May 17

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