The CLOC Internship Initiative provides members with a step-by-step instructional playbook to develop an internship program that meets the needs of a variety of companies, regardless of industry. The CLOC Internship Playbook provides insight for legal departments on how to implement a legal intern program and includes a checklist and timelines to help you launch the program, hire, manage, and evaluate interns.

The success of any internship program depends on the partnership between your organization, the university, and the student. These three parties need to agree on the conditions of the internship, the responsibilities of each party, and the reporting requirements. Download the playbook and set up your intern program for success.

Resources and Tools
Thank you to the members of the legal ecosystem who participated in the creation of this initiative led by: Connie Brenton, NetApp, Lisa Konie, Adobe and Dan Coll, Elevate Services.

Core Internship Team
  • Ashlee Best, Dropbox
  • Sami Najm, NetApp
  • Tom Davidson, Stanford Law School
  • Terry Galligan, Berkeley Law School
  • Sarah McCormick; Elevate Services