Industry Guidelines

Below is a list of guidelines available for use:

Article about CLOC Initiative:

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CLOC members are leading several new initiatives. These initiatives involve working groups of CLOC members, as well as volunteers from throughout the ecosystem. We welcome the involvement of firms, vendors, technology providers and others to help create these industry best practices together. Please contact the team leads directly to get involved.

  • Metrics – Creating a standard set of metrics to serve as the common language in measuring performance across the industry (Sandy Owen –
  • Dashboards – Creating an industry standard dashboard that includes a set of standard KPI’s and metrics that we will define during the project. (Jeff Franke –
  • Rotation Programs – Pulls together best practices, lessons learned and alternative solutions for implementing and managing attorney rotation programs in large and small in-house Legal Departments. The initiative looks to map out the tactical, strategic and financial impacts of enhancing in-house attorney experiences by offering them an opportunity to explore the legal practices within their own Legal Department. (Molly Dodge –
  • Knowledge Management Initiative – Define, develop a framework, and identify best practices for creating or improving a Knowledge Management strategy. (Christina Jackson –
  • Internal Department Websites – Develop and share innovative uses of websites as a means to communicate, highlight curated resources, and disseminate information for and about your company’s legal team. (Christina Jackson –


We have several other initiative ideas in the pipeline below that are in need of someone to lead. If you would like to volunteer to lead one or have a suggestion for a new one, please contact

  • CLOC Electronic Signature Policy
  • Engagement Letter
  • QBR Deck
  • Strategic Plan
  • Checklist for the Right Things in the Right Order
  • RFP Template: short & long
  • What tools we’re using? – Tool Roadmap
  • Budget template
  • NDA
  • Project Management form for template creation
  • Internal Client Satisfaction Surveys
  • Diversity (Templates to survey or measure law firm diversity)
  • Department offsite or summit planning playbook

What does it mean to lead an initiative? What is involved? Is there a playbook?

YES! We’re glad you asked!

Essentially, you act as the project manager — setting the timeframe for delivery, assembling a working group, and driving consensus to deliver a final recommended best practice or industry standard result that CLOC can stand behind and recommend.  We’ve outlined the basic steps below.  As always, feel free to reach out to or any member of the Leadership Team for guidance or help.

  1. Clearly define the goal of the initiative. Because these can be lofty and broad, do try to narrow the scope or at least define it as much as possible upfront.
  2. Set the timeframe. Create a high level project plan that simply includes dates of major milestones such as assembling your working group, gathering examples, forming a draft proposal, and delivering the final product.
  3. Gather the troops. Send a message out to CLOC members, your contacts in the industry, and your social media outlets to assemble a working group of volunteers. Aim to get as broad a representation of the industry as possible.  Try to include legal departments of various sizes, geographies and industries as well as representatives from other members of the legal ecosystem (law firms, LPOs, technology providers, schools, etc.).
  4. Gather examples. Ask the working group to share with you or send you any final work product or best practices that they have seen in their roles or elsewhere. Remember to let folks know not to share any pricing or related information that might violate antitrust guidelines.
  5. Create a proposal. Once you have gathered a broad set of examples, you will want to comb through them to find commonalities and try to understand why there might be differences. Depending on the size of your working group, you may want to assemble a smaller group of less than 10 people who can help with the heavy lifting. This smaller group will ideally include individuals who have had success in this area or have some level of expertise. Again, broad industry representation is still advisable.  With this smaller working group, gain a better understanding of the best practices based on the examples you have received and put forth a draft proposal for your initiative. This will be the longest and most work intensive phase of your project.
  6. Gather input and feedback. Present the draft proposal to the larger working group and welcome thoughts and edits. Again, depending on the size and location of your working group members, this can take various formats from in person meetings to conference calls to commenting over email.  This may also take several iterations and it will be impossible to get everyone to agree on everything, but make sure many perspectives are heard and considered.
  7. Present your final recommendation. Get final sign off on the proposal or recommendation from a member of the CLOC Leadership Team.
  8. Celebrate! Be proud of your accomplishment and knowing that you have contributed to shaping of the future of the legal industry! CLOC will work with you to get the news out and to get other groups to endorse the initiative and spread the word.