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One of CLOC’s primary objectives is to provide subject matter knowledge and training for the legal operations professional. In particular, we are looking for resources, guides, education, and training to enable innovation, efficiency, and development within a legal operations department.

Value in Contributing

CLOC members, law firms and service providers are the thought leaders and subject matter experts of our industry. We count on you to help grow us grow and further practices for both our CLOC communities and outside professionals in a learning venue where they can share similar goals, interests, problems, and approaches throughout the legal operations ecosystem.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Demonstrating expertise in your field builds credibility and trust associated with you professionally and as a service. Sharing this expertise with CLOC provides a channel for you to attract readers, further the role of the legal operation profession, and for service providers, gain potential buyers by offering top-quality, industry knowledge through the CLOC brand. Read below for some of the many ways you can contribute your knowledge to others.

Keep In Mind

All submissions will be reviewed by the CLOC Content team. Promotional references to your organization’s technology, or services, which are determined to be inappropriate may be removed prior to posting the approved content to our document library. Changes will be minimal and not change the context/tone of the content.

Content from members, law firms or service providers include, but are not limited to:

  • Blog articles
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Problem-solving posts or articles
  • Job aid reference guides
  • Training modules or webinars
  • Tools and Templates
  • Industry trend reports
  • Research and analysis

How to get involved

Write a Blog

We welcome your submissions to reach CLOC members and law firm communities in a thought leadership blog article. Example blog articles may include ways that organizations can improve legal operations efficiency, develop metrics and measures, or streamline practices and processes. The content for a blog article should be an original article and which has not been published in other venues. CLOC Members and Law Firm Participants are welcome to contribute blog articles.

Contact us and let us know your idea for an article. Articles are reviewed and then posted and promoted on social media and in the monthly CLOC Newsletter.

What is Your Article About?

  • What will the reader know, or learn, when they are finished reading your post?
  • What makes this post different?
  • Why will our target audience want to read this post?
  • What is the outline of your article?

Guest Blogger Guidelines

  • All guest posts must be of high quality and well written. Content will be edited prior to posting on CLOC.org.
  • Your blog post may NOT contain unwanted pitches, or “fluff”.
  • Your blog article must be relevant to CLOC members and the legal operations industry.
  • If educational in nature, please include references where applicable to the CLOC Core Competencies Reference Model
  • All guest articles must be original, unpublished and in final, edited form when submitted.

Word length is negotiable, based on topic; however, 400-600 words is the preferred range.

What is CLOC’s Audience Interested in?

CLOC Members look for content related to the legal operations industry, key trends, solutions and guidelines make the most impact in our community. This is about knowledge sharing, collaboration and learning. We want to boost conversations, increase engagement and help our members and our community grow in the industry.

Review the Content Contribution Guidelines and share your idea today.

Content Contribution

We recognize that many members, partners, vendors, and suppliers are subject matter experts in the industry and have valuable insights and guidance in the legal operations space. Since many of you are already producing useful and relevant resources that are insightful for the legal industry, we felt this is a great opportunity for your organization to showcase your expertise to a larger audience and solidify your support of the legal operations community. CLOC encourages the submission of authored articles and papers to be shared and accessible through the CLOC Member community and libraries.

Please note that all documents are subject to review guidelines.

Submission Process

  • Review Content Contribution Guidelines.
  • Complete the Content Contribution Form.
  • If approved, CLOC will notify you and post the document to our members-only document repository.
  • Each month, CLOC will announce to its members a list of all newly contributed content in its members-only newsletter.

Example Topics

  • Change Management
  • Data Security & Privacy
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Information Governance
  • IP & Litigation Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Metrics & Reporting
  • Outside Counsel Management
  • Process Outsourcing
  • Professional Development
  • Project Management
  • Record Retention
  • Staffing & Organizational Structure
  • Strategic Planning
  • Surveys & Reports
  • Technology & Innovation

General Guidelines

Collateral Contribution Program Guidelines

Content submitted must:

  • Be relevant to the legal operations professional.
  • Be complete and ready for publication.
  • NOT be a sales pitch.
  • Be an actual document (pdf) or video. It may not be a blog article.
  • Be cited for reference appropriately.

Need more information? Contact us at marketing@cloc.org for more information.