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Nicole Zafian

CLOC Talk Mini-Episode in Collaboration with Malbek Now Available!

By Nicole Zafian

CLOC Talk Mini-Episode: Scarred Not Scared – Leveraging Lessons Learned from CLM Failures

In this episode CLOC Talk host, Jenn McCarron is joined co-host Tommie Ferreira, Director of Legal Operations at Peloton Interactive. Jenn and Tommie sit down with Chad Aboud, a former General Counsel at an international tech company and Colin Levy, Director of Legal and Evangelist at Malbek and get real about the failures and pains along the CLM implementation path. Their discussion covers:

  • Lessons learned from previous failed attempts
  • Listening and understanding diverse perspectives and experiences
  • Translating these experiences into a busines case
  • Celebrating successes and setting milestones along the way

A special thank you to Malbek, for developing and supporting this episode.

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