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Jennifer McCarron

Head of Legal Operations & Technology, Netflix

CLOC Talk Mini-Episode in Collaboration with EY Law Now Available!

By Jennifer McCarron

CLOC Talk Mini-Episode – The Art of the Possible Episode 2: Enterprise CLM – Practical strategies for improving business performance

This is episode 2 in the 3 part mini-episode series CLOC is releasing in collaboration with EY Law, titled The Art of the Possible.

In this episode, CLOCTalk host, Jenn McCarron is joined by Barb Rogers, Vice President Global Contracts at Honeywell, and Kyle McNeil, EY Americas CLM Leader, where they discuss strategies for implementing an enterprise contract lifecycle management system including including how to have impact, where to start, and common roadblocks.

A special thank you to EY Law for developing and supporting this series.

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CLOC Talk will share conversations among legal, business, and technical professionals from corporate law departments, law firms, law companies, legal technology companies, legal services companies, consulting services companies, and academia who are redefining the business of law by bringing operational excellence to the creation and delivery of legal services.