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Date: 11/03/2021 - 11/03/2021
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET
Type: Webinar
Topic: Solution Lab
CLOC Solution Lab: Building an Internal Investigations Factory to Speed Data Production I Presented by DISCO

Learn how Shearman & Sterling applied its data-driven approach to legal services along with robust processing, search, and review tools to respond quickly to an investigation and develop an investigative process repeatable for clients around the world. Shearman, like all many organizations, has accumulated millions of files, faced a major issue: how to take decades of unclassified and unorganized email and review, classify, and tag the email to determine if it should be produced to other firms, destroyed, or retained after clients requested their files. They had limited time to conduct the review to comply with lateral movement around the globe. Learn how Shearman:

  • Reduced the risk in the data classification and potential destruction or transferring of items outside of the firm
  • Set up search terms and AI predictive tags that created more than 700 rules to govern how emails and documents were identified, reviewed, and segregated
  • Completed a scalable, data-driven process review of 30 million pages of data tied to an investigation in three weeks
  • Created a repeatable process for Shearman clients for reviewing and producing large amounts of data in less time and with reduced cost

Attorney Meredith Williams-Range, Chief Knowledge & Client Value Officer of Shearman & Sterling and Kristin Zmrhal, DISCO Vice President of Product Strategy, will share insights and practical tips for expediting data production.

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