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CLOC is looking for talented, committed, and creative contributors who are interested in what’s going on in legal operations and law firms. Behind every story, a guide, or resource is a person we want to share with CLOC globally. Come be a part of the CLOC Contribution Program as influencers, experts, and innovators!

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Value in Contributing

CLOC members are the thought leaders of our industry. We count on this ecosystem to help the legal operations profession grow. We further this practice by sharing similar goals, expertise, interests, problems, and approaches to improve the role and outcome within our legal department.

Demonstrated Expertise

Demonstrating expertise in your field builds credibility and trust associated with you professionally and as a service. Sharing this expertise with CLOC provides a channel for you to attract readers, further the role of the legal operation profession, and for service providers, gain potential buyers by offering top-quality, industry knowledge through the CLOC brand.

Keep In Mind

All submissions will be reviewed by the CLOC Content team. Promotional references to your organization’s technology, or services, which are determined to be inappropriate may be removed prior to posting. Changes will be minimal and not change the context/tone of the content.

How to get involved

Write a Blog

We welcome your submissions to reach CLOC members and the legal community in a thought leadership blog article. Example blog articles may include ways that organizations can improve legal operations efficiency, develop metrics and measures, or streamline practices and processes. The content for a blog article should be an original article and which has not been published prior. Contact us and let us know your idea for an article. Articles are reviewed and then posted and promoted on social media and in the monthly CLOC Newsletter.

Review the Guest Article Guidelines and share your idea today.

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Contribute Collateral

We recognize that many members, partners, vendors, and suppliers are subject matter experts in the industry and have valuable insights and guidance in the legal operations space. Since many of you are already producing useful and relevant resources that are insightful for the legal industry, we felt this is a great opportunity for your organization to showcase your expertise to a larger audience and solidify your support of the legal operations community. CLOC encourages the submission of authored articles and papers to be shared and accessible through the CLOC Member community and libraries.