Matthew Newman

Royal Mail

There is so much value to be harnessed from a skilled operations capability in a legal department: financially, through efficiencies, culturally and from technology. CLOC gives the opportunity to gain insight and learn across all of these areas.

Hayley Stallard


CLOC represents an invaluable opportunity to discuss common challenges, learn from other practitioners, and network with like minded colleagues. CLOC’s focus on open collaboration is refreshing and ensures that time is well spent.

Alex Galtieri


I got involved in CLOC for two reasons: the subject and the people. The subject, because the practice of law, in house and outside, hasn’t yet really moved on from old paradigms – the comparison with any other business function makes it obvious. And the people, because this group embodies the spirit of collaboration and openness that I am hoping will become the norm for all participants of the legal ecosystem.

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