CLOC Stars

October 2016

Member Spotlight – Lisa Kremer Brown

Title: Managing Director, Legal Operations and Strategy
Company: Starbucks Coffee Company
Legal Dept Size: 230
Size of Team: 25
Project Highlight: Working to define and implement our refined Outside Counsel Engagement Management Program (yes, it’s a large umbrella!), including data and process enhancements and addressing the latent reporting needs of our internal constituents.
What do you do for fun? Spend time with family and friends out on the water!
Interesting fact: I have spent most of my career supporting CIOs in the finance, vendor and project / portfolio management space. It has been a great challenge and opportunity for me to parlay that broad experience base and skillset to the corporate legal environment. I am immensely thankful to my CLOC colleagues for helping me to find my wings!

August 2016

Member Spotlight – Mick Sheehy

Title: General Counsel, Finance, Strategy, Technology & Innovation
Company: Telstra Corporation Limited
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Legal Dept Size: 200+
Size of my Team: 25
Project highlight: I’m really pleased with the progress of a new Legal Innovation Forum we’ve been running in Telstra. We’re using design thinking processes to rapidly prototype solutions to eliminate low value, non-strategic work. We are well on track to meet our end of calendar year target of eliminating 30,000 internal lawyer hours spent per annum on specific categories of low value work. 
What do you do for fun? Ocean yacht racing, kite surfing and playing guitar in my band.
Interesting fact: I had a previous career performing on film and stage as part of a comedy team. These days the only people who find me funny are my 3 small children.