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Angela den Tex

Head of Marketing and Communications at CLOC

CLOC & SALI Alliance: A Partnership Anchored in Shared Missions and Standards

By Angela den Tex

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CLOC has taken a collaborative step forward by partnering with The SALI Alliance, a nonprofit initiative aimed at creating open standards for legal matter management. This partnership is an extension of CLOC’s ongoing mission to foster a more transparent, inclusive, and efficient legal ecosystem.

Aligned Goals

The SALI Alliance has been instrumental in developing a common language and framework that supports both the business and practice of law. Like CLOC, it is committed to enabling seamless data exchange and communication across various legal systems. This is particularly relevant for those in legal operations focused on pricing, managing outside counsel, and knowledge management.

Streamlining Legal Data

The SALI Alliance, established in 2017, has been driving the development of the Legal Matter Specification Standard (LMSS), a comprehensive set of 13,000 data tags. This data taxonomy aims to help legal departments better understand the volume, scope, and cost of their work, whether conducted in-house or by outside counsel.

Why It Matters to You

For CLOC members who grapple with large sets of complex data, adopting such a standard could be a game-changer. LMSS provides quicker, more accurate answers to common questions like:

  • Which of our outside counsel has experience in specific areas of law?
  • How do costs compare between different jurisdictions?
  • What is our most recent example of a particular document?

Get Involved

For more information about SALI, visit SALI’s Official Website or contact info@sali.org.