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CLOC Launches New Education Advisory Council to the Legal Community

By Nicole Cote

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San Jose, CA – September 22, 2021: The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), the leading organization dedicated to transforming the business of law, announced last week the launch of their Education Advisory Council (EAC). This strategic initiative will serve as the vehicle to drive the most relevant, innovative, and valuable content in the legal operations space to both members and the entire legal community.    

The EAC will be comprised of a cross-section of CLOC membership. Selected through a rigorous application process, participants will serve a minimum one-year term. Guided by CLOC’s Head of Content and Education, Nicole Zafian, and CLOC board member Daniel Yi, Senior Counsel for Special Projects and Innovation, U.S. Department of Justice, the EAC will support CLOC in the following key areas: 

  • Serve as strategic advisors in formulating the education strategy of the association.   
  • Assist with industry scans, including the economic, social, and political climate in which CLOC and the legal industry are situated.   
  • Encourage voices of all constituents and audience segments to be part of the conversation related to program planning to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion in programming.  
  • Aid in building partnerships with other organizations, if necessary, to ensure programming is effectively designed and successfully delivered.  

“This is a major milestone in CLOC’s growth and will positively impact the evolution of legal operations and provide more robust professional development to the legal community,” said Nicole Zafian, Head of Content and Education. “The role of the EAC will be intellectual in nature and involves strategizing the organization’s overall education content and direction that will influence specific programs to meet market needs—like the CLOC Global Institute.” 

CLOC notes that this initiative not only benefits the overall growth of the legal operations profession but also offers a series of benefits to the council members. This platform will give council members an opportunity to use their voices in a meaningful way to shape the industry’s future. In addition,  participating in this cross-section of high-level industry professionals will serve as an excellent networking, leadership, and learning opportunity, and offer increased accessibility to CLOC events and offerings.   

“CLOC is laser-focused on delivering high-quality educational content,” said Mike Haven, CLOC President. “This new initiative will play an integral role in the development of our offerings, and ultimately to the value of CLOC to our members. I am excited to see this new adventure take shape and help move the legal industry forward.”  

The EAC application is open and now taking submissions. CLOC will be looking for individuals with diverse backgrounds from across the legal ecosystem who are visionaries, thought leaders, guides and legal ops ambassadors. 

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