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CLOC Launches Member Expansion—Inviting Entire Ecosystem to Join Community

By Nicole Cote

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The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), the leading organization dedicated to transforming the business of law, today launched a major expansion to their member community. Starting immediately under this new program, any professional who serves in the legal industry is invited to become a CLOC member. The existing in-house community will remain intact and unchanged, with an additional expanded community to allow for enhanced participation. 

Representing a transformational initiative, this new community will be the first-of-its-kind in bringing together all professionals in the legal ecosystem to focus on moving the business of law forward.    

“This expansion has been a long time coming,” said Mary O’Carroll, CLOC Board President “Since our launch in 2016, we’ve grown in resources and sophistication and now are in a position to welcome the entire ecosystem and bring the community together to offer insights, perspectives, make progress, and foster global connections in meaningful ways.  We’re ready to turn up the volume for CLOC.  We have experienced how the power of many can be greater than the efforts of one.  Real power lies in scale – many players sharing information and solving problems together.” 

Also called out specifically is a reimagined events and education plan that not only addresses the effects of COVID on live programming through 2021, but also strategically focuses on formats and accessibility to drive engagement across the entire ecosystem. CLOC will share the full event strategy in early March 2021.  

O’Carroll continues “At its simplest, this new community is about pairing diversity of thought with the right solutions to spark conversations to drive transformation of the business of law.”  

Betsi Roach, Executive Director, added “Our members and the greater legal community are hungry for more resources to answer questions and advance their careers. Creating a place that champions diversity of ideas and thoughts will not only disrupt the business of law but will define professional growth paths and pave the way for future generations. This is an exciting advancement on our continued journey to make a real impact on both the legal industry and for those in our community to grow their networks.”  

CLOC said this is the first major milestone in the multi-phase project plan with plans to launch other key milestones over Q1 and Q2 of 2021.  

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