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CLOC Expands Membership to Include Entire Legal Ecosystem

By Nicole Cote

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The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) announced today their plans to restructure and expand their membership model to include the entire legal ecosystem. Designed to continue their goal of offering a valuable community-fueled resource and sharing platform dedicated to improving the delivery of legal services, the CLOC Board of Directors has decided to invite all parts of the legal community to be members of CLOC. The existing in-house community will remain intact and unchanged, with an additional expanded community to allow for broader participation. This is the second expansion since 2016 and will be a major advancement in understanding the growth and needs of the legal operations community to support continued industry transformation.

Mary O’Carroll, President of the Board, welcomed the expansion and said: “CLOC positions itself as an organization that embraces the ecosystem, but to date, we have not demonstrated that to those outside of in-house legal departments and law firms. In order to truly support the evolution of the business of law, we need all parties involved and collaborating.”

Under this new model, any professional who engages in the legal industry is qualified to become a member. Within the member community, individuals are categorized by their role in the ecosystem and receive access and benefits specific to their needs. CLOC’s member-exclusive forum will be reimagined to support the change, including a new user interface, interactive features, and engagement initiatives. Those who currently participate in the in-house legal community will continue to have their space for focused dialogue.

“A critical part of this expansion was to develop an inclusive model, while maintaining the integrity of our current member value – a space for in-house legal professionals to connect, learn and collaborate. The role-based strategy enables us to focus on each individual’s professional objectives and connect members to the right people and resources, and create a playing field for the entire legal ecosystem to collaborate on disruption” says Betsi Roach, CLOC Executive Director.

Legal professionals can begin signing up beginning January 2021. CLOC’s member-exclusive forum will be reimagined in conjunction with the membership new model with plans to launch in January 2021.

Learn more and stay updated on CLOC’s new membership model roll out.  

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