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CLOC Announces New 2021 Events Calendar for Legal Industry

By Nicole Cote

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San Jose, CA – March 2, 2021: The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), the leading organization dedicated to transforming the business of law, announced today their reimagined 2021 event plan, including several new formats and key dates. The plan includes virtual offerings and allows for in-person events as a possibility later in the year.

Nicole Cote, Head of Marketing and Events, said, “The landscape for bringing people together safely is still a moving target, so we built a powerful virtual education program to help our community carry out their learning objectives, while we continue to explore opportunities for in-person events later in the year.”

The event plan includes 6 key offerings:

  • CLOC’s flagship event, the CLOC Global Institute, is scheduled May 10-13. In a change from the 2020 program, this virtual experience will span four days with new outcome-focused workshops, live Q&A with industry leaders, dedicated executive programming, and new learning formats.
  • International Summits, formerly the London and Sydney Institutes, are being rebranded as the EMEA & APAC Summits as part of a long-term strategy for growth and inclusion. In 2021, the EMEA Summit will take place virtually in June 2021 bringing a full-day program focused on region-specific topics and content. CLOC plans to reconvene the APAC Summit in 2022.
  • New for 2021 is an “ask me anything” program that will bring together a panel of legal industry experts by answering timely and topical questions submitted by the CLOC community. This Ask the Experts LIVE! webinar series will focus on the CLOC Core 12 functional areas. Dates will be announced in the coming weeks.
  • The CLOC Solutions Lab is a new webinar series thoughtfully designed to provide one-hour webinars featuring choices in case studies, demonstrations or and innovative projects geared toward solving in-house legal department obstacles. The series will kick-off at the CLOC Global Institute.
  • CLOC Mentorship Monday will provide in-house members with a 20 minute 1:1 chat with an legal industry leader to discuss questions and advice on professional development or anything else that’s top of mind be it career, technology, or bouncing off ideas. The first Mentorship Monday is scheduled for March 22 with Mary O’Carroll, CLOC President and Director, Legal Operations, Technology and Strategy at Google.
  • CLOC will continue hosting in house Regional Group Meetings, Community Connect Huddles, Town Halls, along with webinars and video conferences as topics arise. Several Regional Meetings are scheduled through June and the first Community Town Hall is scheduled for March 16.

“What has always been the cornerstone of our success is how much this community loves coming together in person to share and build relationships,” said Mary O’Carroll, CLOC Board President “Virtual fatigue is real, so we’ve put a lot of thought into platforms and formats that will keep our community connected and engaged in this environment. The blessing in disguise here is that we’ve been able to reach new audiences and launch new types of programs because of going virtual, allowing for new, diverse opportunities to share and collaborate so we can continue to disrupt the business of law.”

CLOC recently launched a new event calendar on their website updated regularly. Sponsorship opportunities are available immediately. Inquiries can be made by contacting sponsorship@cloc.org. CLOC has noted that pending any major changes to the current vaccine trajectory, the EMEA Summit (formerly the London Institute) will take place live in January 2022.

For more information on the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium, visit cloc.org.

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