We engage across the ecosystem.

We are confronting complex problems that will take complicated solutions, bridging across many skill sets and capabilities. We need everyone, and every perspective, to find solutions that work.

Every perspective matters: in-house counsel, law firms, services provider, technology provider, schools.

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Electronic Signature Policy

Establish internal best practices for implementing e-signature.
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  • Webinar (For Members Only):

    Discover the basics of electronic signature law as well as emerging trends. This podcast provides both an excellent starting point for your understanding of e-signatures and a guide for practitioners looking to implement solutions in their organizations.

Intellectual property (IP) Proficiencies

Using the CLOC 12 Core Competencies Reference Model to address Intellectual Property Proficiencies in a legal department. The IP Proficiencies are CLOC’s first effort to define key aspects of people, process, and technology necessary to successfully handle specific types of legal matters.

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Setting Up a Legal Operations Summer Internship Program How will you meet the needs of today and prepare the workforce of the future? One solution is to launch a summer legal internship program!

In partnership with law schools and the CLOC community we have assembled a playbook with program documents, timelines, checklists to help you get started.

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Law Firm Evaluations

Develop a standardized form to evaluate outside counsel across 10 performance criteria. Lead: Molly Perry, HPE, Kevin Clem, HBR Consulting

Legal Ops Career Skills Toolkit

Identify you and your team’s legal operations skill strengths and gaps. Access resources that can take you and your team to the next level. Lead: Peter Krakaur, UnitedLex

Legal Project Management (LPM)

LPM has grown into a way to manage legal work sent to outside counsel and is a practical way to further augment the value of a legal department. The CLOC LPM Initiative team has developed practical guidelines, frameworks, tools and resources that standardizes the process. You can create your own LPM program, or pilot, from the initial work that the CLOC LPM initiative team has developed. Discover the why, what, how, and whom of LPM.

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Metrics are a big topic and the taxonomy varies widely. Data and performance metrics are a powerful tool that quantifies performance and serves as a catalyst to implement change. The CLOC Metrics Initiative provides guidelines and tools that will help you run your legal department like a successful business by selecting metrics that improve the efficiency and impact of your legal team.

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Patent Prosecution Toolkit

Establish a common language and framework to define scope in patent prosecution work with outside counsel. Includes a list of core deliverables and recommended UTBMS codes. Lead: Mary O’Carroll, Google


Automate and streamline the entire RFP process by using a suite of templates available as Word docs or on a technology-based platform. Lead: Scott Weber, Lumina Networks, Jim Delkousis, PERSUIT