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  • Webinar: Process Automation Made Perfect
    Join Connie Brenton, Emily Teuben, and Justin Hectus as they explain how to streamline your department through the use of workflow automation. The webinar includes practical tips on where to start, how to design a workflow, and a demo of the workflow building process.

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CLOC has instituted monthly surveys to gather data from our members on topics that are of relevance to the legal operations industry.
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When experts from across the legal ecosystem work together to take on the biggest challenges of our industry, almost anything is possible. That’s the premise behind the CLOC initiatives. The initiatives, each led by a CLOC member, draw on contributions from law firms, alternative legal providers, technology companies, and law schools.

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Legal Project Management (LPM)

LPM has grown into a way to manage legal work sent to outside counsel and is a practical way to further augment the value of a legal department. The CLOC LPM Initiative team has developed practical guidelines, frameworks, tools and resources that standardizes the process. You can create your own LPM program, or pilot, from the initial work that the CLOC LPM initiative team has developed. Discover the why, what, how, and whom of LPM.

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Improve and standardize cybersecurity for outside counsel. Provide a clear, specific set of requirements for law firms to follow to keep client data safe and complies with modern privacy legislation.

Join the team at  info@cloc.org

Lead: Gary Tully, Gilead

Electronic Signature Policy

Establish internal best practices for implementing e-signature.
  • Least restrictive
  • Restrictive
  • Webinar (For Members Only):

    Discover the basics of electronic signature law as well as emerging trends. This podcast provides both an excellent starting point for your understanding of e-signatures and a guide for practitioners looking to implement solutions in their organizations.

Diversity & Inclusion Best practices

Implement a Diversity and Inclusion initiative to develop and share resources and best practices in three key areas: surveys & metrics, recruitment & outreach, and mentoring & development.

    Join the team at  info@cloc.org

    Lead: Lisa Brzycki, Northwestern Mutual

Internship Playbook

Launch a summer legal internship program in partnership with law schools and the CLOC community. Leads: Dan Coll, Elevate, Lisa Konie, Adobe

Law Firm Evaluations

Develop a standardized form to evaluate outside counsel across 10 performance criteria. Lead: Molly Perry, HPE, Kevin Clem, HBR Consulting

Legal Ops Career Skills Toolkit

Identify you and your team’s legal operations skill strengths and gaps. Access resources that can take you and your team to the next level. Lead: Peter Krakaur, UnitedLex


Run the legal department like a successful business by selecting metrics that improve the efficiency and impact of the legal team.
  • Webinar (For Members Only):

    The team discusses their Metrics Initiative and why a standardized set of core metrics matter. Listen to learn more about their process of building the Metrics Initiative and the steps to take when building your own metrics journey.

Lead: Sandy Owen, Intel

Patent Prosecution Toolkit

Establish a common language and framework to define scope in patent prosecution work with outside counsel. Includes a list of core deliverables and recommended UTBMS codes. Lead: Mary O’Carroll, Google


Automate and streamline the entire RFP process by using a suite of templates available as Word docs or on a technology-based platform. Lead: Scott Weber, Lumina Networks, Jim Delkousis, PERSUIT