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Betsi Roach

CLOC Executive Director

2021 CLOC Events Update

By Betsi Roach

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We continue to monitor the rapidly changing COVID-19 (coronavirus) developments, both domestically and globally, especially as it affects the lives of our global CLOC community. Above all things, CLOC is a community. And nothing is more important than keeping our community safe. We take this safety very seriously and want you to know the Board of Directors is having ongoing conversations on this topic and we continue to actively monitor information about COVID-19 through the World Health Organization (WHO), the CDC, and the counsel of our corporate attorney. 

We know many in our community are excited to gather in-person. When 2021 started, we hoped the pandemic would subside in Q3 and Q4 so that we could hold in-person events. While gathering in-person is possible for many regions, for others it remains impossible or inadvisable. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers at this time. 

Based on the information and guidance available today, our presumption is that we will not hold in-person events for the remainder of 2021. Given the rapidly evolving and changing nature of the pandemic, the Board reserves the right to change its position on in-person events at any time. While much of the value of CLOC happens when we gather together to exchange ideas and information, the safety of our community is paramount. 

The CLOC staff team is busy ensuring we provide value to our community by delivering new content (Solution Labs and Ask the Experts programming), implementing mentoring opportunities and planning upcoming digital regional events in Australia and EMEA, as well as our Global Institute next May in Las Vegas. We are also working with our Regional Leaders to ensure regional meetings are taking place where (and in what format) feasible. 

Please continue to watch for updates from CLOC and reach out as needed with any questions or for clarification.