JohnSmith Leo Douglas Capozzalo
Shearman & Sterling LLP
CLOC has benefited my firm by providing a forum where we are seen as a trend setter. Our usual role is steeped in tradition and erudition, but at the CLOC institute, everyone participates in the bleeding edge, if only for a day or two.
JohnSmith Leo Melissa A LaSala
The Hershey Company
I count on the CLOC community to work through uncharted areas in the Law Operations space. Having a community of leaders offers diversity of thought and people who are willing to “think outside of the box.
JohnSmith Leo Jordan Urstadt
The top benefits from a CLOC conference are networking and insights into corporate legal ops. CLOC provides the shoulders to stand on to see where the legal industry is going, and the ecosystem to help us do something about it.
JohnSmith Leo Aine Lyons
The CLOC community had been invaluable in expediting my Legal Operations journey. Through networking with my CLOC colleagues, I benefited from their lesson’s learned, avoided many project implementation pitfalls and received frank advice and recommendations on new innovators in the legal eco-system.
JohnSmith Leo Kiran Mallavarapu
Liberty Mutual
With the help of CLOC network, we were able to benchmark our organization’s use of people resources, technology and use of outside vendors. In addition, CLOC’s resources helped us with a starting point for internal standards related to process governance and metrics, that we were then able to customize.
JohnSmith Leo Lisa Kremer Brown
Fantastic forum to selectively learn about a multitude of industry trends and best practices, connect with colleagues from all manner of discipline and background, access talent, share ideas and generally become inspired about opportunities for the future!
JohnSmith Leo Ashlee Best
Hands down, the people I’ve met in CLOC! Strong, collaborative relationships have been key to my success. CLOC members have provided invaluable support when roadblocks/challenges arise or validating a project is going the right way. The CLOC members and executive leaders are good mentors and have diverse backgrounds and years and years of experience. Really cannot imagine a situation someone from CLOC has not encountered and would not be willing to discuss.
JohnSmith Leo Tracey Gallegos
I am so looking forward to the 2018 CLOC Institute. I’ve been to many conferences throughout my career and nothing has held a candle to the CLOC Institute when it comes to relevant content and access to mind-blowing technology and service solutions! When I tell people that CLOC “fried my brain” during last year’s Institute, it was not an exaggeration and very much a compliment for the organizers of this event. I was inundated with so many great ideas and concepts for which I have been starving! I can’t wait until April.